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Date: December 20th 1944

30 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec, RCE

Cdn Army Overseas,

20 Dec 44

Dear Jean:

Since getting back from the "low countries" I haven't had much time to do anything. A lot of consultations, meetings, and visitors here. However little definite accomplished yet, but we still try. Have forgotten just what I told you in my last two letters, but had a comfortable flight back here, nearly flew over Morris's house just before landing, Tororey came back with me, no temporary business but haven't seen him since, he may be having a quiet little relapse all on the qt. It was nice to find your letters of 26 Nov and 3 Dec when I got back, also another parcel, and today cigarettes from you, and Monday your letter of the 10th. Sent one of our Xmas cards to Capt & Mrs Bowden, acknowledging a nice pipe & tobac and also one to Frank & Mrs Swannell, was able to mention seeing Lorne, and altho they will arrive late, glad I sent them. The picture of Mary was not in your letter of 26 Nov, probably the man didn't come. Its also good to know that she is better, and it speaks well for her Ma's wisdom and care that it was a mild attack of the whoops. Mr Swannells book hasn't shown up yet, but it may be delayed. The old check for Olive Andrews was returned here and redeposited in my bank. Next time the paymaster comes, will send you another £50, if you like to send some money to Olive its OK with me. sometimes it is better to send the odd smaller amount, but do as you like. You are a loyal girl, and am glad you think as you do about General McNaughton, I agree with you 100%, we were a little puzzled at first but my admiration of him has never wavered.

Do hope some good news of Leilas Bob will come through. Bob Richards phoned the other day, and had checked up with the RCAF casualty centre, they said that it takes a bit longer for the red cross to get confirmation if he is a prisoner, Bob Richards is a wonderful fellow, he goes after things like that, I haven't even written to Leila yet, and regret that I had not been able to find Don before he went back to Canada. I hope Gert will have a baby. That is what she needs, and should have it without further delay.

Have read the little book in your last parcel, it is simple and refreshing. Will pass it on to Morris's. Also was intrigued with Mary's twice used birthday card. If she always considers me that much younger than I really am, it will be OK. I can just imagine sending me that card was big stuff in her world of values, bless her heart. With the nice paper, string and stickers you sent have made 7 nice little hampers for various people who have been kind to us. A few extra parcels from the "relashuns" and I cant possibly use it all, it would be different if we were in the front line, but I really feel ashamed when people send me so much, and we live in such comfort, and eat far too well for my waist line. So the little odds and ends in the hampers will be a treat for each. An extra large one for Morris's and Haywards, but nice ones for the Bevans, Mrs Waugh, the Bournes, I go there for Xmas dinner, one for Mrs Elkington, my old fussy RE Colonel's wife who lives all alone in Woking, and she is a loveable person. and the 7th for some neighbours who have been kind, and who have a son and a daughter away in the services. They are good solid "homely" people, and they always welcome us when we drop in for an evenings chat, coffee and a whiskey. Have just finished wrapping all these, and am quite exhausted, and am afraid the language was not too mild when trying to tie a neat bow, etc.

Will be interested to learn what you think about Haywards Mill Bay proposition. Have been wondering if a principal of $7000 is too ambitious for us. It doesn't leave much scope for building and furnishing a home. Maybe we would be wiser to build on the 10 mile lot which we own, and make a real home there. If Berts place were 6 acres, ie ½ the size and ½ the price, I think we could handle it nicely, but the whole of it seems a lot to put into a place that for the next 10 or 15 years will be really only a summer and weekend resort. We would have to have a car too.

A very charming Commander of the French Navy, air arm came to see me yesterday and stayed over night. Apparently my American friends who are now in Paris have been giving me a build-up, and he seemed quite impressed with our set up and work. Of course he was interested in our description of our home, and our life in British Columbia, and it was quite evident that he thinks we must be the happiest people in the world. And why shouldn't we be. How fortunate we are, even a civil servant like me, to live in such a fascinating and attractive country, and to have such a job as mine was, and will be (a better one too). Am afraid it will have to be something very very tempting indeed to make me give up my BC, and my work there. Always feel a bit ashamed of my discontent with little annoyances there, when I tell these people here about my life, work, and country there, and added to all that, my loving darling wife, and our sweet little one, -- I must try never to forget or unlearn how to be HAPPY.

Heaps of LOVE ...........................GER.

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