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Date: February 6th 1944

England, 6 Feb 44

Dear Jean:

Sunday night once more, and tonight is rather a wintry one, with all the appearances of possible snow. Came down to the office about 930 this am, worked right through to about 330 pm, than walked down into Piccadilly and Trafalgar Sq, had a cup of coffee at the BC House Canteen, then walked up through Shaftsbury Ave, Holborn, Theobald's road to London House in time for afternoon tea proper. Went upstairs and slept till dinner time at seven, and have just walked back to the office. TI is much the best place to write your letter, and Alf who is here tonight is putting on some coffee, I will mix up some Klim, with these resources we make the best cup of coffee in London.

I am feeling better all the time, and believe that my sojourn at Morris's last week end did the trick. am still blowing my nose, but that is just the aftermath, and it gets less each day. Guess it must have been a mild touch of flu, and I was lucky that it didn't hit me harder. Harry Luscombe is taking this weekend off, and I have had a lot of work to do. We never seem to get finished. Thank goodness, Harry looks after most of the routine business, such as the mens pay, their leave, stores, and all the statistics of just being part of the army. That leaves me more energy to handle the technical side, research, and development. I have my small unit fully up to strength now, and they are a pretty good collection of boys on the whole. None of them is perfect of course, even their OC.

On Thursday, an airgraph from you, mss, but without date, but presume it was written on the 23 Jan. I guess you have been busy supervising at Garmans. Hope Mary and the baby are continuing to make good progress. It was too bad Lashley and Mary Haggman couldn't have made their visit to Victoria earlier, however, they probably liked being on their own anyway. I had a letter from Kate Haggman, it arrived in the same mail with a cake from her posted much earlier. Both cake and letter were up to the usual high standard. Had the last piece of it today instead of lunch. Hope Kate likes her daughter-in-law. She should, and being Lash's wife, should make it a certainty. Kate has a special soft spot for Lash, he is so much an image of herself. Believe they have expectations too, it is wonderful to see a young couple getting started so early, and so well. Some, of the kids, like Lash, the War has lifted up out of obscurity, and widened their horizons beyond all ken, and for those who survive, not only with their life, but with their wider outlook, after the pendulum of Peace swings them back to lower pay, and strips off their martial rank and power, it will have been for them an opportunity that comes to few generations. I think Las has been one of the lucky ones. They deserve it tho, because they cheerfully place their very lives into the gamble.

I am puzzled about Leila's boy, Bob Rennie, I wrote him before Xmas immediately on hearing from him, but have not heard further, however dropped him another note yesterday. He is another like Lash, but of course, he doesn't know yet how the cards are stacked for him. Am hoping he will look me up if he comes to London, I may be able to give him a tip or two.

When discussing pros and cons re sale of our house last week, I forgot to note that until you are sure what to do, it might be better not to pay off too much of the mortgage. I think it would be wise to reduce it quite a bit from what it is now, to a point where the rent (interest etc) is really low, but leave it at that for a while, and continue to build up our assets in War Bonds. I saw the paymaster yesterday, and sent £40 to you. It may take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. I don't know why they don't do this sort of business by airgraph, it would speed it up a lot.

Your news about Capt & Mrs Bowden was a real surprise, and a happy one. Am writing them an airgraph tonight. Am so glad for Janet's sake, it will give her a degree of security that she well deserves. I think they both will feel happier with the new arrangement, Give them my best when you have a chance.

I suppose the new baby at Garman's house has been quite a source of interest for Mary as well as for Graham. No doubt there have been questions to answer. Thus a new phase of Mary's education begins. Well Jean she has a fine and sensible Mother, who will give her the truth, which is after all the easiest to understand, and the simplest and the nicest.

Tell Mr Hall that I had another airgraph from Bill during the week and it was a good cheerful one. He is evidently well along in convalescing and was outdoor sin the sun the day he wrote. He seems to think he will come to this country for a while. Glad the watch got there OK, will you pay Dad Hall when he knows how much it was.

Phoned the Morris's tonight, to tell them how much better my cold was as a result of their kind offices. they are having a bit of a problem just now, their maid left, and Ecila now has to do everything, and with 3 officers billeted on them, and her elderly mother, it is a handful. She Ecila has had to give up her work on the Docks temporarily, which is too bad, because it was a direct War service, although very strenuous. Ecila and Jean Hayward are planning to attend the Investiture which will be held in the near future. Am not supposed to say when, until it is over.

Some interesting press reports about my General, (McNaughton), I'd like to see the matter torn wide open, because I feel that he, and our Cdn Army have been sold down the alley by the politicians. I could say a lot more.

Love to you and little Mary, ......................GER

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