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Date: February 12th 1945

30 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec, RCE

Cdn Army England.

12 Feb 45

Dear Jean:

Yours of the 4th came along today, with Mary's lovely valentine and cousin Bernards letter. The valentine is a masterpiece, she seems to have an idea of the main requirements of harness, and the colors are bright and cheerful. Tell her that I am very pleased, and proud to have a valentine, especially from my little girl. The picture you got for Ann Meuser sounds fine, and no doubt in her later life she will treasure it, as one of her first gifts, and a fine one. did I tell you that Gerry Meuser had some sweet pictures of Ann when he was over recently, Feel a little sorry for Betty, she adores him, but Meuser is extremely susceptible to anything pretty in a skirt, especially blondes. He is also very popular with the ladies, so perhaps finds it too easy. However, he is hardly the type to get very permanently involved, and really likes his wife. Am afraid we men are somewhat vicarious by nature.

Poor old Bernard Smedley, he probably gets you and Mary mixed up as far as names are concerned. I will write him a little note soon. He was very interested in you both when I called. He will be very pleased to get a parcel from Canada. The fact that we have taken an interest in him, in his old age when practically all his old friends are gone, is probably more than we realize. I was amused at Bernard noting that his nephew Major Lodge is not teatotal, as one of his virtues. he a really not a boozer, but enjoys his little tot occasionally.

Wrote Frank Swannell Sunday, to thank him for the work on Hayward's property. Am afraid I didn't thank him for the book, rather hard to do that as I'd like to until I see the book. He mentioned that the boys (except Lorne) are a bit neglectful in writing, I am very sorry for Mrs S, she has been such a devoted mother to them. Have seen or heard nothing of Charlie or Arthur. Understand Charlie is here, but if he should try to find us, he might not succeed, as we are rather hidden away, and unless he happened to enquire from just the right person at CMHQ, they would know nothing about us.

Poor Mary, her "adjustments" to society are beginning alright, and some features evidently are not too happy for her. If it were not for the fact that she is an only child, I would say forget about school till she is a couple of years older. However, no doubt her difficulty is partly due to her being at home alone with her Mummy and not having had the corners rubbed off gradually. Guess it is best to let her continue going, but we will certainly have to be most patient and kind with her. Understand she only goes for the mornings. Think this is plenty. Looking back I remember being rather nervous and sensitive. As you say, the reaction of being unable to speak is the response, and no doubt it aggravates the cause. Sympathy and understanding but without giving in to her is the best thing, and her Mummy is good at that. Sent her book off, and think she will like it. Altho it is about how to draw horses, I had not it in mind to start her on a formal course in the subject. Merely sent it because it is about her favourite animal, and it does have some good pictures in it. There will be lots of time when she is older to take it seriously, if she is interested then.

You do not say if Frank Benton is in hospital in England, if so I might try to find him. Will also try to find out where No 24 Hosp is. My transport is not as plentiful as it used to be. We had the misfortune to crinkle one of the fenders on the sedan, and they don't seem to have the necessary spares, it was an old model, but Alf used to keep it in excellent running order. It was not he who wrecked it.

Did not know that Helen had been unhappy about her marriage. Am very sorry, and hope she can get things straightened out. IT is quite a gamble, even at the best of prospects. How fortunate are we, in spite of our long separation. Perhaps it has helped us to appreciate each other the better.

Bob Richards came over and stayed Sat night. That afternoon we cycled over to Weybridge, and got caught in a cold wet storm, but were none the worse. He is very pleased with Robert Fletcher, of course. Bob is a very honest, and very enthusiastic fellow. We get along fine Sunday was cold and wet all day, but it cleared up in the afternoon at least it stopped raining. After Bob left, I went for an hours walk to clear the cobwebs away. Will be glad when the days get long enough and finer weather so we can get out on the bike more. Eating sleeping working and spending your spare time in the same house day after day is not too good. Am in pretty good shape tho, as I exercise on our horizontal bar a few minutes each day, usually just before lunch and supper. The neighbors must think I'm crazy.

Mrs Morris has her 80th birthday next thursday. Plan to go over for dinner and the evening. Going into town on other business tomorrow, and will try to find some little thing for her.

Heaps of Love to you BOTH,


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