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Date: February 15th 1942

No. 101

Capt. G.S. Andrews, R.C.E.

Survey Directorate

H.Q. Cdn Corps

Cdn Army O'Seas.

England, 15 Feb 42

Dearest Jean:

Here I am in London - just starting my leave - came up this p.m. and am stopping at London House this time - the same place Bill and I stopped last March, and where I have put up several other times - the place has been partly bombed - but they seldom can't find a bed for you even if, as in my case tonight, I share a room with another inmate - whom I haven't seen yet, and sleep down in the basement in an improvised dormitory. However I like the atmosphere - they have good meals in a great hall - the old English school style - and one meets young officers from various parts of the Empire - and in all services - just now it seems to be mostly navy.

A very annoying thing happened last week, a carload of Canadian mail for H.Q. Corps caught on fire - and some 100 bags of mail were burned - no doubt including your letters of 4th and 11th Jan. because they haven't shown up yet - and fortunately today yours of the 18th Jan arrived with the carbon of the 11th so I am only missing really yours of the 4 Jan. It made me very annoyed - because after the Navy succeed in bringing the mail all the way across the Atlantic - to have them burn it here. It was thought to have been spontaneous combustion from matches in a parcel - some people at home have been putting the odd package of matches in parcels for the troops here - and its bad business. Anyway I was very happy to get today's mail - just in time before leaving.

I am ready for a bit of leave - have [?] only about 6 hours a night sleep lately - and now have my paper for the RGS in pretty good shape - and am going to get as much sleep and fresh air as I can this week. Col. Meuser was certainly nice about letting me get away for 2 weeks if I want it.

Am glad to note that so far you haven't done anything about selling the house. To nights news about Singapore is bad - had expected the worst - although there was always the hope that they could have got reinforcements there in time to hold it. - and then the most ironic humiliation of the war for the British - to have allowed the German battle ships to take a shortcut right through our front yard - Yet dear I still know we are going to win - and Japan has some bad times ahead - they are having their success now - but the war is not over yet! These reverses have had a very sobering effect on the British - and no doubt we needed it. As Churchill said tonight now of all times is the time for unity concerted effort and grim determined confidence to win - and fight like hell to do it.

I must make this close now - my [?] leader has just come in - and I think he wants to retire - am enclosing Mary's card with your letter this time - hope she won't mind -

Will keep you posted on what the holiday brings -

Love -


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