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Date: February 25th 1941

Lieut. G. S. Andrews

"I" Branch,

H.Q. Canadian Corps.

CASF, Base P.O. Canada.

England - 25-Feb-41.

Dear Jean:

This is going to be a very short note - I worked all day Sunday until late at night and most of Monday to get a job finished up before starting off on leave. I am now on my way up to see my brother Bill in S. Wales. Spent the day here in London and leave early in the a.m. - It will be nice to get away for a fun days - and nice to see Bill -
There was no mail last week - but I know that there is a Canadian mail in - so no doubt by the time I get back to the office - there will be a letter from you - and that will be something to look forward to. I am anxious to know if you are still looking for a job and if you got the loan papers, and if the house is taking shape OK and if Mary's teeth have come through - I had such a nice dream about you the other night - forget what it was - but we were together - and I wakened out of it - feeling so happy and near to you. The past week has been a busy one - with some fun - had Lyle Trorey & Charlie Sontar down for dinner on Friday - they got quite a kick out of it - Charlie says he has written to you and given you the low-down on your old man! Am I worried! They both went home happy - and it was worth it even if their entertainment was a bit expensive!

Was on sort of a business holiday to-day in town here - but got some good dope & rewarded some valuable acquaintances. These things help both with the jobs in hand now and will also help when we get back to work at house.

Haven't seen Lorne for a long time - I've been tied down at my end and he has been away some. I believe "mon Capitaine" Robinson is going to get his crown - Thank goodness I am free from his jurisdiction -
Well dear - I'll have a lot to say at the end of the week after my leave.

All my love - to you & Mary

As ever


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