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Date: February 26th 1945

30 Cdn Air Survey Liaison Sec, RCE
Cdn Army England.

26 Feb 45

Dear Jean:

Just back from town, a meeting this pm there, too many people but a lot of interesting stuff. The mailer meetings are better, where one can put in remarks which seem a propos, without holding up the agenda. Also called at our Cdn HQ and learned that my proposals have been taken up and approved by those who matter, and now only await the word "go" from our British friends. In the meantime we work our fool heads off, and the time goes fast. It is gratifying tho to know that I seem to have won my arguments with our own people.

Your letter was waiting when I got back, written the 18th. Also one from Kate Haggman, telling about Fred. Poor Kate, it is a blow to her. She speaks of trying to get some kind of part time job. They probably have very little financial reserve, although the children are all self supporting now, and they will manage OK. Lash of course has his own family, but Kay and Shel are the kind who will not fall down on their new responsibility. They have had a lot of hardship, and survived it with colors flying, and they are a close-knit family, very loyal to each other. One blessing, I believe they own their home, without a mortgage, Boy that is a wonderful thing. Kate said too that her father is on his last lap. Shall always be glad that he was the one who sanctified our union. Of course WE. You and I are the only ones who can sanctify it, but it was fine to have a man like Mr. Hall to officiate.

I gather that the Bassos expect to be posted away somewhere. Am glad you got to know them, and to appreciate their worth. Harold is the kind who has a good many friends, and some very real enemies. The latter are those who don't really appreciate his good points. Bill is back by now, had a brief note to that effect from him. He will likely be too busy to write, especially while he is in Victoria. Anyway you can give me the news. He will be very much in demand, so he will have to spread himself a bit thinly. I hope he says the right things to the Forest Branch. It is fortunate that the Sivertz visit coincides with his. They are a fine family. Bill said he saw Ben S in Halifax.
The concert at Albert hall on Sat afternoon was very fine. The choir must have had 200 or more voices, and a symphony orchestra of about 70 or more. They did Hiawathas Wedding, the Death of Kinnehaha and Hiawathas Farewell. Lovely music, and lovely words. It lasted from 230 till 515, and Ecila and I barely got back to Tyrellswood in time to get supper. They are alone again, so Ecila is doing all the work around the house. It is too much for her, as it is a fairly big house, and they are a long way from the shopping district in Leatherhead, then there are the chickens, which seem to take more f her time and energy than they are worth. Mrs M was looking very well and was very bright. She had just received your letter of 8 Jan. Stayed overnight, and mooched around Sunday morning cleaning up outside, and gathered a few dry branches etc around the wood for kindling. Rode home after lunch on the bike. We are going into town again Friday to see the Cdn show "Meet the Navy", which is supposed to be very good. Want Ecila to see a really good Cdn show. We seem to be stepping out, but these things seem to come in a bunch.

Bert Hayward has just sent us another case of assorted pickles. He is tops. Margaret H will be 21 on 7 April, and they are having a special do in London to celebrate, to which I am invited. Wish I could go armed with a nice gift for her, but it seems to be hopeless for me to shop for anything like that.

Last Wednesday Harry and I went down to Aldershot to have supper at Bob's mess, and stayed for a show in the mess afterwards. IT was a rotten picture, but we enjoyed our visit just the same. Bob wast too bright, had just had a mild dose of "one day flu" as he called it.
Our unit is celebrating a birth, one of the boys had a new son over the week end, or rather his wife had, weight nearly 10 pounds, and as can be imagined, It was a bit tough on the poor mother. However all seems to be OK. Am afraid if we don't move soon there will be a few bachelors left in the unit.

Have had a few bright days lately, interspersed with the usual cloudy ones. Weather has been mild tho, and life is beginning to stir all round about. We have a fine show of crocuses in the garden, but no daffodils yet. Think our season is just a bit later than Victoria. They still maintain a modified blackout here, but am sure it is only for psychological reasons, I doubt if there has been a German aircraft over this country for months. Anyway it is nice to see the days lengthening.

Have had some interesting results in our work lately, and will probably have to write another report about it. So far have had no cold at all this winter, must be getting climatized. Take a couple of halibut oil capsules each day, and a modicum of exercise.

All my love,


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