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Date: January 3rd 1943

Major GS Andrews, [?]

No 147 Surrey, HQ First Cdn Army, O/S

3 Jan 43

Dear Jean

Just got home in time for supper tonight from a 3-day weekend with the Haywards. Went down there After breakfast on Firday the 1st, about 20 miles to change into my "morning suit", work pants and Cowichan sweater. Bert H had both the girls, Margart and Jean were home, and when Bert returned from London in the evening he had Mr. Sargant with him, he was down there for a weekend last summer, and took the snaps which I sent on to you. We worked hard outdoors all the time till noon today, and ate hard too. Mrs H and the girls always put the evenings we played informal cards, rummy etc., and guessing games. It was a real change. After lunch today I got cleaned up and hiked back to the train. Now I feel a bit sleepy, and comfortably tired, after so much fresh air and good food. Bert H had been wanting a new axe, and I was able to get one for him here. I showed him the cartoons about Bill Hall and myself in the [?][?] Howe Letter, which I have out out for our scrap book. Bert was quite pleased that his cross out saw had "made" the FS Kove Letter. As usual he gave us a couple of books to bring away. They has had a card from Mr. Hall, and were eager to hear news bout Victoria.//Two parcels came from you during the week, one of tobacco, and a large one with Dad's cookies, [?] etc and more tobacco. These were most welcome, and my tobacco stock is in good shape again. I was wondering if there would be al etter from my wife when I got back, and sure enough there was, but it was a long time coming, dated 15 Nov, from Auburn. It was none the less welcom. Apparently the only sure way for quick mail is the Airgraph. both airletters and airmail seem to be no faster than surface mail. You must have had quite a time getting your annual returns all fixed up at the ranch, but am glad you are satisfied with the results of the years operations. Chris must have managed well and worked hard too. I've always wanted to hear you give a real demonstration of your "[?]" vocab. Red tape is certainly an awful curse.// On the last day of 1942, I arranged a shipment of 420 to you through the usual channels. This is to take care of the Conf. Life pres. or to recoup our bank account if you have already paid it. Spend what is left over on your own self. It is impossible to get anything nice for you here. I can still get nice children's books for Mary, I have something in mind for the Germans at last, but it may take a bit of time before it is ready, and there is always the chance that it may decorate Davy Jones locker instead of the German mess. // Had a nice card from Capt Bowden and Miss Wilde, thank them for me if you get a chance. A letter from Hugh Hodgins too, I must try to write him, he has been very faithful. Trouble is my spare time is usually filled up with more important things than my personal correspondence. //

Love to you and Mary, from your rather sleepy lover


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