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Date: January 12th 1941

Lieut. G.S. Andrews

c/o "I" Branch,

H.Q. Canadian Corps

C.A.S.F. Base P.O. Canada.

Dear Jean:

This is Sunday night - and have been on my new job at week - Quite a change from my life with the Survey Coy. It will, I think, be interesting and no doubt there is a lot for me to learn - Tomorrow I am going off for a week to stay with a flying squadron - for instruction - which ought to be very good. Then when that is over I go on a 2 weeks course before returning here to the office - at least that is what is planned.

At this place we mass at an old golf club, which the army have taken over, but there isn't room for us all to sleep there, so we are billeted for sleeping at private houses - it is a typical suburban well-to-do subdivision - so that each house has at least an acre - something like uplands - the home I have been in this week is very nice - am here with another young officer. An old lady about 75 and her daughter - unmarried, about 35 - They are very fine you would love the old lady - she is a character - a real English gentlewoman and as spry as a cricket - she reminds me a little of Mrs Richardson. The daughter is a good scout too - not at all glamerous - probably the victim of a formal well to do English upbringing - You would like her too. You & Mary must surely come over here after its all over, they all are so interested in you & the baby -

I went back up to the company last night to get my belongings packed & in order - left on very short notice at the beginning of the week. Stayed over night - and walked up to Lornes mess to see him - & had a very pleasant evening there. A trappist cheese arrived from Betty in Winnipeg, so I took a chunck of it up there - It has quite an "atmosphere" - and was appreciated by all concerned. It won't be so convenient to see Lorne now that I have left the company. He had seen Arthur S. quite recently. Charlie Sontar had not returned yet from home so I didn't see him. He was visibly sorry to see me leave the coy. Did I tell you that the cigarettes arrived for him - he will be very pleased when he finds them waiting for him.

This p.m. I took a box of my [?] clothes down to Haywards at Darking to park them there for the duration. They were glad to see me - and all well - Their pickle factory has had some damage from bombs - but they are carrying on - wonderful people - not a whimper of complaint - and yet nearly have lost their business - if not worse my boss for the time being is Captain the Lord Tweedsmuir, he is the eldest son of the late John Buchan - and seems like a good scout. Has had all sorts of wonderful experiences - life in the arctic & all that goes with his environment. He is quite "English" - but that doesn't bother me as long as a man's a man for a that.

Went over to see a hockey game - between teams from two Canadian troops - one might this week - it was rather fine - I hadn't seen a hockey game for years. They were amateurs of course - but put on a very good show.

Your letter of the 8th Dec. was at the Boy yesterday - with the snaps & your picture - I do like it - and it fits perfectly into my passport which I carry always - the ones of ME are sweet - Finished up the last of your fruit cake on New Years Day - it was a good cake. Those tins of Nestles Coffee were a splendid idea too.

Well dear I must off to bed - and finish packing for the morning - I'll have more to tell you next week. Heaps of love to you both -

As ever


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