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Date: July 4th 1943

No 174

Major GS Andrews, RCE

10 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec


4 July 43

Dear Jean:

I seem to be busier than ever. Today have been packing for a move to another location, not quite so handy to "Shoelands", but not too few to bike over occasionally. Went up to see Mrs M tonight for just a few minutes, to return a Geographic which I had borrowed, and one seemed sorry that I shant be such a frequent visitor, however, I told her that if I didn't come so often, I'd stay longer when I did come, Ecila is away for 10 days holiday, and needed it too, she has gone down to Somerset to spend a few days with Anita, and then to some friends by the sea.

Your airgraph of the 20th June came on the 30th, I guess you are right, I'd better get home pretty soon, or Mary will have my sweetheart worn out, When she gets to know her Pop well enough to play horseback on his tummy at 6 am Sunday mornings, well, I really believe her Pop will just love it. Glad you were able to have a visit from Mr Hall, I wrote him an airgraph, and sent the copy to you. Havent seen Bill for about week, he's been busy too. Glad you like Joyce Swannell, I'm ashamed that I've only seen Charlie once since he arrived in the UK.

The Cowichan sweater hasn't arrived yet, but I haven't given up hope yet. One would be fine for Ecila, she is about your build, and height. I have been pondering about some nice thing to give the Hayward girls. If the sweaters are not too expensive, they would be just the thing, Jean & Margaret are shorter, and perhaps a little more plump than you. Bert has written asking me down there while he takes a week off, starting today, but I can't get away. However, next Saturday I plan to take a week's leave and for a change, am going on a trip up the Thames. We can hire a punt with top, and big enough to carry a camp outfit, and even sleep in if necessary. Plan to camp, and get one good meal a day in pubs, but otherwise carry our own food. If the weather is warm, we will practically live in bathing trunks, We will start at Shepperton Locks, where the Bevans have their cottage, and go up river past Windsor, Honeymede, and may get as far as Henley, or Maidenhead. A Major from Regina is going with me.

I forgot to mention that I got my new job, I got a small increase in pay, but as staff pay can be stopped if you change your job, I do not intend to increase your assignment, but will send you the surplus I accumulate here from time to time. Am planning to send you about £25 this week. Also am sending a parcel of books, three on Columbus, and some other odds and ends. You might find the one by Sabatini quite interesting if you haven't already read it. Axel was down this pm for an hour or so, he looks splendidly, and is doing excellent work. The address as above will be OK BEST LOVE TO YOU BOTH.....


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