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Date: June 14th 1942

Dear Jean:

Your airgraphs of 24 May and 1 June arrived last Monday and Thursday respectively. That's pretty good time for the last especially. I did enjoy them too. Coming more quickly than letters, the A'graphs seem to bring you that much closer. Mrs Morris was pleased when I read her your remarks about her picture. Glad you have the jobs done on the house. Hope you will have no more trouble with hot water and other heating. I think you are giving plenty to the Red Cross, and the Community Chest. It is sometimes hard to decide just how much one should give to these things. I have always preferred to pick out the odd individual case, and make my little contribution direct, and one doesn't have to seek very far, usually there is plenty of opportunity within the family so to speak. I'm always a bit leary of these organized charities. One wonders who much is absorbed by the "Unselfish" people who are connected with it. The Salvation Army and the Red Cross (who I believe look after prisoners of war especially) are probably among the most deserving.

Glad you are so happy at Garmans again. They have been real friends to us. On Tuesday I was in town, and got some books for Mary's birthday, and enclosed two for Grahame. In the same parcel is a book I bought on chance, but on reading it decided it can be put away till Mary grows up a bit more. Another one is the Hunting of the Snark, one I picked up second hand, but had rebound, it is a good edition, with exquisite line drawings, so enclosed it for our household book shelf. Mary might enjoy it too, when she is a bit older. I enjoy reading it even at my stage of life at the risk of being condemned as in my second childhood.

Poor Mr Hall, I wish we could all be back, he and Bill ought to be great pals. Haven't heard from Bill for months, my fault for not writing him. Imagine he had been fully occupied lately. Next letter, tell me what Gertrude's married name is, and her address too if you have it. Minnie's presence in Victoria will enhance the enjoyment of life for all concerned. She must be proud of her son, Brian must be a fine boy now.

The activities of the Japs along the Aleutians islands will make you all feel that the gingers of war are reaching your way. At any rate, Uncle Sam doesn't seem to be letting them have everything their own way, and I feel quite confident that they are in for a lot of trouble if they stick their noses too far toward the American continent. Its one thing to nibble at a string of unoccupied islands, half way between Alaska and Asia, and another thing to attempt anything serious along the settled and defended parts of the northwest mainland coast. The war seems to be approaching a climax now, with things rather delicately in the balance. That must be so, of course, before the whole thing begins to swing the way we want it to. The power of the allies is increasing steadily, and Hitler is staging his last throw, he may cut a few capers before we get him hogtied, and cause us a few more bruises, but I feel more confident than ever of the final outcome.

We have had a cold dull week, not very encouraging for outdoor expeditions. As soon as I finish this letter, am going to change into some old clothes, and go for a bike ride. May call in at the Morris's later to say hello. The snap is a copy of one I had to have made recently for army identification purposes. It is a bit gruesome, as usual, but I guess the camera renders the truth, even if not always too pleasing. I am still hoping to have a recent one of my wife.

That's about all the news, and I hope the book swill get there in time for Mary's birthday.



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