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Date: October 25th 1943

25 October 43

Major GS Andrews, 30 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec, RCE

First Cdn Army Overseas.

Dear Jean:

Am a day late getting this off. Worked all day yesterday till 5 pm on the revised form of my stereoplotter, and then cleaned up and biked up to Morris' - a good stiff hour's ride, which stirred my blood up a bit, and sweat, stayed there until 1030 pm, and rode home in the black plus fog. We had a nice evening, and supper, two other guests were Dept Bert Hammond and a Mr Derek Mill, a neighbor of theirs. Mr Mill's wife is also an American, although he is typically English. Was nicely tired and it was late, so decided to go to bed, and write this today.
We are moving very shortly back to the village where Mr Aston's (Dad Hall's tenant) sister lives, it will be much better than our present quarters, which are rather isolated. Am a bit fed up with these "little moves". Wish they would give us a really big move to some interesting place, where we could feel we were taking more part in the war. Our new spot will be a little closer to Morris's, but farther away from Haywards.

Your airletter of the 10th arrived on the 20th. You should have got my cable on the 7th. I will check up with the cable people next time I go up to town, will demand a refund. Sent a reprint for Mrs Benton to you, she is welcome to the extra copy, although I am down to my last 3 copies. Also am sending to you a copy of a letter from the Borbridges at Fr Ware, with a nice paragraph on Jack, which I promised to send to Mrs B. You can read it and then give it to her, I still have the original on my "Alaska Highway" file. Its going to keep you broke sending so many things over here. Hope all comes through safely. Am still waiting for some things I mailed before leaving Canada. Glad you enjoyed "Alaska Challenge" it is certainly a fine book, and one we should have.

Made a recording last Tuesday for the 330 "schools" programme on the Air Svy for the Alaska Highway, and it was to be broadcast Thursday. I was too busy that day to get near a radio, but heard the recording just after it was made. Funny to hear your own voice, it sounded very much like my brother Bill, except that I seemed to lisp just a trifle. Do If you know the saying, "even your best friends wont tell you". Am sending the script along with the letter for Mrs Benton, the script is for you of course.

I shouldn't worry about "our project" too much, it would have been wonderful, but as you say, it is not altogether within our powers, providence has the final say. At least we were willing. And only two weeks doesn't give Nature much of a chance.

Havent had time to see Lorne, am ashamed too, but that's the way it is in the army.

LOVE to you BOTH,


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