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Date: September 19th 1943

19th Sept. 43.

Dear Jean:

It seems like old times again to be writing me Sunday night letter to you - Your letter written on the 15th was waiting for me when I got here - and it seemed to be a bit of you - and was a sort of welcome. I surely was glad to get it. It was a long trip back - not quite as interesting as the one out - and then of course every click of the rails measured that much farther away from you instead of the other way around.

Had no trouble getting a room here, not quite as nice a view from the window - but I notice it is 50¢ per day cheaper so I guess they change for the scenery. Saw Dr. Howlett Saturday a.m. and had a good session with him - it seems that now that I have things pretty well straightened up here. They have got them balled up over on the other side so I should get over there as quickly as possible. Having another session at N.R.C. tomorrow and may know then what my moves will be in the near future. Also got some more army business done Sat a.m. but of course everything closed up at 1 p.m. and I thought after that I might just as well have taken 2 more days at home to arrived here Monday a.m. - However I don't like taking advantage of my duty - Had I thought about it when I knew I didn't have to report to the army in Van'cr I think I'd have yielded - Also might have run down to Toronto last night but there were one or two social calls I promised people overseas to make here - so got them done to-day. It was lovely & bright so I did some walking too - which I needed after being cooped up in the train.
On the train met 2 or 3 people I know - one a Brigadier Medico ex overseas and another an old college chum who was just returning to Ottawa from a whole summer on the Alaska Highway - up as far as Dawson City - so I got a lot of gore from him. There were one or two other interesting people on board, an old chap & his daughter (17 & beautiful) from San Francisco - to Winnipeg via Van'cr and an old Sister lady returning to Boston from Edmonton - a sweet old soul - real scotch. I think she cried just a little bit when I said good bye to her.

Had lunch today with a family of a Padre (in my mess overseas) - nice wife, 2 fine sons 17 & 14 and a daughter about 16 and Tonight I had Lashley Haggman and his wife Mary to the hotel for dinner - we really had a nice evening. Saturday evening I spent with my friend Charlie Sontar -

Your letter was wonderful dear - it made me feel happy & proud to have you for mine. Poor little Mary - I wish her Poppy could have stayed long enough for her to really get used to him. Damn the sawdust dealers - why couldn't they have got the stuff there sooner- Anyway I feel glad that you have a good nest-egg of fuel stowed away. Hope you didn't work too hard at it.

It was wonderful news about Bill - isn't that splendid - and old Dad Hall will have something to crow about now. Good old Bill - The young couple stayed till nearly midnight so its late, and I think I'd better crawl into bed. Saw Alice Fife & her Mother Ashton at [?] - and Betty at Winnipeg. And Mrs. Ernest Sones at Revelstoke.

Well dear - a kiss for you & will go to sleep - I miss my gal and give
Mary a kiss for her Pop.

Love -


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