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Date: September 21st 1941

No. 81.

Capt. G.S. Andrews. R.C.E.

Survey Directorate

H.Q. Cdn Corps

Cdn Army Overseas.

England, 21 Sept. 1941.

Dear Jean:

The typewriter is busy - and I want to get this written now, because Rothery is coming in about 3 p.m. and then later, Lorne and Dick Farrow are coming for supper & the evening - so "now is the time'. Your letter of 31 Aug. arrived yesterday - so it made pretty good time. Am glad my wire got there - its practically impossible to know exactly what date they will be delivered at your end so we have to send them a bit early to make sure. Also glad Mary's pictures arrived and that they are ok. They should look nice framed. Do hope that your [?] present comes through OK too, because they were rather nice, I thought. They were from a different store, and being worth more than a certain amount, they have to get export permits and all kinds of red tape etc which may have delayed their departure. Since Uncle Sam is taking over more of the Atlantic patrol, there should be better chance of things going across without loss. Discovered another print shop where they have one of Amicks - the same artist who did our Indians - They have the one of the Indian in a canoe - rather a nice one, do you think we could have it for the house - it is not so bright & cheery as the Indian family - but beautiful just the same. Also do you want some more pictures for Mary?

Think you are wise to hold back on Mr. Thomas till he finishes his contract completely. My bank account here will be a bit skimpy till the end of October - but then I should be in a position to send you some extra cash - you will need some for Xmas, and for the insurance due on 2 Jan.

Just had a note from George Anderson (Korsvik) - haven't seen him at all since he came over. He wants me to go to a Norwegian club in town with him - and I think it would be fun. The great difficulty is to get a day off at the same time. Axel was in to see me for just a few minutes the other day - I wish he could be placed where he could go ahead and be doing interesting work - The army seems to be hopeless in many ways - so many square legs in round holes - and such waste of many first class men. I am a little annoyed that Col. Carrie hasn't made better use of him - and given him a chance for promotion.

We had a small Corps H.Q. dance on Friday night - I only went for a couple of hours - but it was very nice. Have been fighting a little touch of flue but by being a good boy have got it beaten. Next week end expect to be away on some maneuvers - so may be delayed in getting your letter off.

Heaps of love -


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