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Date: April 28th 1941

R97725 A.C.2. Humphrey,
R.C.A.F. Manning Depot,
Toronto Ontario.
April. 28/41

Dear Mom:

I received your papers to-day and I sure enjoyed looking through them, I cut the pictures of Louis Benson out.

I washed all my woolen socks and I made a sock stretcher out of an old coat hanger (good idea I thought.

I have got my proofs and I will go down to-morrow to get the big picture done, I guess you got the little dime photo I got taken, how do you like it.

We get up at 6:00 every morning except Sunday and at 6:15 we have P.T. then breakfast, then we break off at 11:30 for dinner and are back on parade at 1:00 o'clock and our day ends at 4:30. We are aloud out till 10:30 and on Wednesday and Saturday till 2.o'clock, we [?] can have a weekend pass every 3 weeks.

The other day one of the fellohs was picking his nose and the sargeant saw him and said Quote. If your going to pick your nose you can at least [?] it around, - then we broke off for dinner.

The last few days we have had gase drill and today we were marching in gase masks. As we were walking along the road one of the fellohs blurped in his gase masked and it sure made an (afull) awful sound we pretty near choked laughing.

There was [?] a French man marching in front of me (I din't care for him much) so I pinched the air pipe of his mask, he gasped and splutered, then he took it off and told the sargeant to look it over, the sargeant found it in good working order and did he make the Frenchman feel cheap.

On Sunday I was introduced to a girl she went to Varsity and had a swell new car but she looked too expensive for me so I didn't make anything of it.

Since I wrote last I have seen Jon Kapura the polish singer, Bill Lildel and Alice Marble the tennis players, Syl App of the Toronto maple leafs & Ned Sparks was here to.- Gee Whiz [?] La War.

Mom I would like you to get me Gordons adress in Vernon and tell Mr. and Mrs. Gordon I was asking for them.

Tell Pop that as soon as I am drafted out I would like the radio, it sure was swell of him to get it for me.

Give my love to everyone.

Your loving Son.

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