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Date: July 9th 1944

R 97725 Humphrey J.F.
R.C.A.F. Overseas.
July 9/44

Dear Mom & Pop:

My watch arrived here shortly after I did and up until now it has been going OK- lets hope it keeps up- Thanks a lot.

I got a few days off so I went to London and who should I run into at a salvation army canteen but [?].C Ironsides he certainly looks well and that story about him looking old and having grey hair must be a mistake he looks just the same and just as young, he's a [?] now in the educational branch, I talked to him for awhile and he told me about Harry Martin which was news because I didn't get your letters telling me about him until I got back off leave, I received three from you and a few from Mary all addressed to the "Y" Depot.

My address you will note is slightly different than I at first gave it, the other way was wrong and it may not have got past the censor since then we have been given the proper information regarding our mail.

I see that you have a girl staying with you now and I've been wondering if I'm missing out on something- I'm only kidding honest.

I've just come back from dinner and I really enjoyed it we had roast pork the only thing that wasn't good was the coffee and it was horrible, I don't know how a person could make anything that tasted so vile, but the tea of course makes up for the poor coffee.

On the few days I had off I didn't think it wise to go to Scotland because at present it is quite hard to travel, in any case when I get leave thats where I'll go. The two days I had in London I showed the fellows a few of the sites, I even managed to see the odd flying bomb (I think it's safe to mention them now.

I met the oldest Lipson boy here, it was good to see him again I hadn't seen him for about five years, he's a flight engineer.

I'm going to start ground school in about a week so I'll be there quite some time evidently there's still a lot to be learned, but the more I learn the better. I'm still with the same bunch and there all swell guys I only hope I can stick with them for awhile.

The fifteenth of July is Mary's birthday I was going to mention it before I left but I forgot, I've explained to her that a gift would come late so if you could get one of the girls or yourself to get a present say about $20 I can make it up when my increased assignment comes through. The address is- Miss Mary Bates c/o Y.W.C.A. Calgary Alta.

If I had Robbie's address I could drop him a line or he could drop me one.

The boys are after us to have a game of cards not for money but just to pass the time.

We have only been paid 3 pounds since we got here so we are all pretty broke so we can't go out. I went swimming the other day and really enjoyed myself. Harry Jepson just came in so I guess we'll [?] a chair and [?] aloud. Give my regards to all and don't worry I'm doing fine.

all my love

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