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Date: June 7th 1944

R 97725 Sgt. Humphrey JF
#1 Y Depot
Lachine Quebec
June 7 1944

Dear Mom & Pop:

Well another day has gone past since I last wrote and I'm still here and I may still be here over this coming weekend, I hope, as there is a considerable amount of shopping I would like to get done.

I received your telegram saying you had sent the money today, thanks a lot I certainly wouldn't have sent for it if I'd have got paid and I hope it didn't put you short.- I really expected a report back of "insufficient funds," anyhow I really appreciated it and also the promptness.

If I'm here over the week end I'll likely get a 48 hr. pass and Sgt. Gilmore wants me to go with him to visit his sister in Ottawa, but I'm afraid it would cost too much so I'll stay here and enjoy whatever entertainment the station has to offer. It seems all the fellows here are sending home for money- boy do a guys folks ever take a beating at a time like this- if I ever have kids I think I'll have all girls

The war news really sounds great and I'd sure like to get in on the last clean up, though I'm afraid that by the time I'm ready it will be too late

If I get leave when I arrive on the other side I intend on going to Scotland and as Gilmore has relatives in Glassgow maybe you could get me Mrs. Ferguson's relatives address again and this time I'd see them for sure.

Since I arrived here there has been very little to do and I have no duties so I certainly have a lot of time if it keeps up I'll write every day even if there is nothing to say.

I hope your feeling better Pop and mom as well as usual.


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