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R97725 (A.E.M.)
A.C.2. Humphrey J.H.
R.C.A.F. No.1 Manning Depot.
Toronto Ontario.

Dear Mom:

I have just arrived in Toronto this morning after a good trip. When we got off the train we were taken in R.C.A.F. trucks to the barracks where we had breakfast and drew our blankets.

We will be confined to the barracks for 3 days but I don't mind because there is always something to do after hours.

The fellows are all swell and help you out as much as they can I really think I am going to like it. The meals are swell and are served from a modern kitchen.

I have an upper bunk and the fellow that sleeps under me is from Prince Edward Island.

The weather here seems to be bright but brisk so I was glad I took my long underwear. As yet we have not been issued our uniforms but we hope to get them Monday but when I do get it I'll send a picture.

I would like to know how Nairem is and I would like you to send me a town paper Did Nanaimo win or lose the Hockey title to the Indians. I meant to send a card to one of the family every day but I was sick on the train yesterday and could not write one to Beck. The prairie water effected us all and you had to stand in line to get into the bathroom but I sure feel fine now.

When I get my uniform I am going to by a tin trunk to keep my stuff in.

How is pop and the family and has Isabelle heard from Kenny. I hope Brent is doing well I guess he can say "daddy" now.

Well I guess I better sign off now and I can write more next time when I find out more.

Your Loving Son

P.S. Write soon.

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