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A.C.2. Humphrey J.F.
Wing 1 Squadron 2
R.C.A.F. T.T.S.
St. Thomas, Ont.

Dear Mom:

I am on my 48 hr. pass and I am spending it at the Active Service Club (For) London Ont. its supposed to be the best one in Canada, for 50¢ you can get a swell bed with clean white sheets & a towell. For 25¢ you can get a swell meal and I do mean swell. All the women workers here are volunteer I was talking to one from England (don't worry Mom she was at least 40.) she told me that here brother who is our Admiral in the navy thought that people on the West coast were wonderful and the climate was grand. London is a nice town it reminds me of Victoria there are lots of sailors & soldiers here and the people seem very nice.

Bud is here and he seems a little quiet he heard that his Grandmother had broke her leg.

Well I had my first oral test on engines this week, they took us up in two's and asked use a flock of questions I went up with a fellow who took the same cource as I did only in Saskatoon. I answered all mine & half of his, so I guess I did alright, just because you answer your questions all correct that does not mean you get 100% it depends on the way you answer them, so if some of the boys write and tell their parents they got 100% take it with a grain of salt we are never told our marks in any case but our intermediate exam & our final.

I hope to be on the Rolls Royce merlin soon and they say it really is complicated.

I have some good snaps of some of the fellahs and myself and I will send them home on Monday.

So 24th at home was a flop eh! it couldn't have been quieter than here I worked in school all day. Last week we worked from eight in the morning to till 6 at night after that you eat scu[?] the room do a little laundry & study sometimes for two hrs. you can't afford to get behind.

Well I'll write again monday so give my regards to Pop & the rest of the family.


P.S. I am sending you five dollars but not this week!

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