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Date: September 21st 1943

#2 Wireless school.
Calgary Alta.
Sept. 21/43/

Dear Mom & Pop:

I started my course to-day and beleive me from what they tell us it's really going to be tough they say fourty per cent of every course on an average is washed out so I'll really have to buckle down and here's hoping.

For the most part the students here are mostly Australians New Zealanders and Limies so when a Canadian goes past everyone stops and say hmm! a Canadian so you see were outnumbered again. The school is quite a big building and its easy to get lost between classes, the food is good although the line ups to get it are really long, the huts are new and well heated the fellows from Brandon College are in a class by themselves Sergeant Gilmore a friend of Al's and mine and I are in with a class of Aussies and they appear to be decent fellows even though they insist on having things there way.

I met Al's mother and she's really swell, I stayed at her place the first night I arrived here, and she told me to come up any time I wanted when you go into there house you feel like you really belong there.

I went to the dentists on monday and he promised to get to work on my pearls soon so I hope I won't come home nashing my gums it seems I have to get my four wisdom teeth out and they appear to be the best teeth in my head.

Well thats all for now I'll write when I know more about the course.

Love Jack.

P.S. Send my red zipper jacket for skating.

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