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Date: September 27th 1942

No 133

Major GS Andrews, RCE

Survey, HQ First Cdn Army O/S

27 Sept 1942

Dear Jean:

Your airgraph of 6 Sept arrived on the 23rd. It has been a busy week, but not uninteresting, the weather has been quite unpredictable, probably equinoxial, but there were one or two nice days. However, there is a chill in the air, a faretask of winter, and the sun, when it does shine, seems to have lost its oomph. Am hoping the weather will settle down for a nice October. So I have finished all the wood cutting at Morris's, and it is all piled under shelter, so I feel as though I am one of the unemployed, will have to look around for some other useful exercise. Left a few branches, the smaller ones for Mrs M to do during the winter. She likes to get out on fine days for a little while and cut a bit of wood herself. They call her the timber-woman of Tyrellswood. She has her own little axe and a light saw. Everybody is encouraged to do without fires as much as possible this winter, but a little fire in the living room in the evening makes a world of difference, and I think it justifies the fuel used for the sake of morals. It is amusing in a community how all the neighbors notice at once if you have a fire on, by the smoke coming out of your chimney. Mrs M is more like her old self again, but Ecila sends her off to bed early, and her diet is still pretty strict. My friend Basso gets married next Saturday in London, at an RC church, and I am to be "best man". I must scrounge around to find a present for them during the next few days. Not a job I like particularly, but then there is just a chance that I might see something for my wife at the same time. England isn't particularly good for shopping just now. I couldn't get away this week end to go to Haywards, and with the wedding next week it looks as though I won't get down there for a while. An airgraph came last week from Bill Hall, still in the same part of the world and still enjoying the whole thing. First word from him since last January.

Hope you will be able to make satisfactory arrangements for a driveway for the house. The idea of a cooperative one with the neighbor is a good one. I imagine that it will be a nice change for you and Mary to get back into our own home when the Lieff's are gone. I hope the heating will be more satisfactory this time. Have wondered if you didn't find it lonely there - if you could just find the right person to stay with you, but that is not easy.

When you get down home, you must give my love to Caroline. I have never written any of our folks. I hope they understand that letter writing doesn't seem to fit in with the life here just now. When I'm not working, I feel I need complete relaxation, sleep, fresh air, or some entertainment.

By the way, if you should come across the old air mattress of mine, and if it is any good yet, send it along. They are invaluable out on operations, and practically unobtainable here. There is very little else I need, except possibly sox. As you know, the coarse knitted ones are no use to me. The kind you sent last time were just right. Size 10 1/2 or 11 its bedtime, Love to you both,


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