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Date: September 29th 1943

29 Sept 43.

Dear Jean:

Your letter of the 24th was at the NRC yesterday morning when I went down there. It gave me a little visit with you. Mary's dancing will be fine for her - I'd love to see her do her "exercise". Am glad Ruth is going to have a good visit with you and hope the weather will be kind, as it was for my visit. Weather makes such a defence in Victoria. I got a letter from Mr. Mulholland with yours - wish he & i could have had a talk.

The last sentence in your letter gave me a great thrill - of course I realize that it is only a suspicion - but it is wonderful to hope anyway and God Keep you in the crook of his arm as the old Psalmist said. You are a brave wife and the best of a good sport - I shall be wanting the war to finish quickly.

Don't think I will be here much longer - but there is no definite indication of plans yet. It is amazing who busy I keep - each day has been full so far. Last night spent the evening with an old classmate - he is married and has 2 children - little girl same age as Mary, and a baby boy 5 mos. They adapted the little fellow and he is a fine bright looking lad. Got home pretty late. Night before I went to see the Walt Disney film on Air Power - written by Sevensky - it was a colourful piece of propaganda - very interesting tho!

Will probably spend tonight with Lashley & Mary Haggman - may go out to their flat for the evening or they may come in and go to a show or something.

Had an interesting afternoon at the NRC yesterday went through their [?] sections which is doing some fine war work. They were not interested in my plotter so will tote it over to England and may get some time to play with it this winter.

The NRC will forward my mail.

Well dear that is about all the dope for now - will try to keep you posted.

All my love -


I may have to write another check against our BNS savings account - perhaps 50.00 - but it may not be necessary if they show a little action in getting me away soon.

Love -

Give Ruth my greetings -

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