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Date: July 18th 1918

July 18/1918

Dearest Kid:

Thanks awfully for everything. The box of Laura Secord arrived five minutes ago and it is already been reported missing. Two Posts and an American arrived yesterday and several letters and some parcels also ten days or so ago. Thanks very much old thing.

I went off on a show at 6 p.m. the other night. I climbed to 10000' before I went away from the aerodrome. Just as I did go I noticed a big splotch on the ground in from of my hangars that looked as if two other hangars had been put there. (A hangar holds six Dolphins) I had to come back in half an hour with eng trouble and saw that this splotch was really an aeroplane. I decided it was Sharpe in his "big Ack" come over to see me but as I got lower I noticed thousand & thousands of Tommies & French people all around the aerodrome and I saw what it really was a Handley Page. I landed and taxied under its planes?. Such was the arrival of the great birdman Maxwelton? le Parvae. I think they have all had typhoid or measles (or whatever it is they cut your hair of for) in Max's squadron.


Max's observer

Max's 2nd observer

Max's 1st eng man

Max's 2nd eng man

[Sketch in original letter]

He stayed until 8.45 and then buzzed off home. I was very glad to see him. The next day was a holiday for us and I decided to go and see him but it rained all day and I went down to the sea in the car with [?] who went on leave.

Hope you can read this for I am writing in a very uncomfortable position.

Love to all


Original Scans

Original Scans