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Date: August 6th 1944

Aug. 6, 1944. Dear Mom - In a couple of days we'll probably be on our way again. We've been in this camp almost three weeks now. I don't suppose I'll get any mail for quite a long period, in fact if I don't get any more I won't be too surprised. Personals also I guess are a thing of the past. However we may settle in at the next camp and get organized again. The latest letters I had before leaving Luft6 were March 26. Solders here have rec'd July mail. One thing about this moving around the time goes very fast. I was more than ready to leave Luft6 Over a year in one place is eleven months too much for me. I'm just about ready for the big move too, no kidding.

Today is a regular Victoria summer day lots of sunshine but not too hot. Have you seen Linda yet? I hope you are all well, both McDonalds and Stewarts. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for next Xmas, if not to be there with you, to at least be able to write better letters. So long, love to all, Syd

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