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Date: August 20th 1942

Aug. 20, 1942

Dearest Mom - How's things out there? Lots of April and May ordinary mail lately, also lots of snaps. Air mail letters for May came in a month or so ago, it seems to be a better service. Some fellows here have received July air mail. It's sure nice to hear from you so often, I've got all your letter filed in order of date, so I can glance through them every so often. A food parcel containing ham arrived yesterday but I haven't drawn it yet. Just told that book parcel "Gone with Wind" arrived for me. Boy you're sure looking after me. Sleeping bag is a honey, the envy of the camp. "93 Songs" arrived and is swell. Only one piano here and I haven't been able to get near it so far. One of the boys received softball equipment and we've had a couple of good games. Also basketball going strong. Lots of sunshine and lots of sun-bathing these days. I guess Brenda is lonely for Bob these days. Give them both my love. How's George? Poor Mitzi - still got exzema! Everything in parcels swell. Did you get picture taken at Lamsdorf? Love to Brenda, Jim & Bob. Solong, tons of love,


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