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Date: February 25th 1942
C.N. Stewart
F.E. Jolliffe

Postal Censorship

Ottawa, February 25, 1942.

Mrs. C. N. Stewart,

73 Moss Street,

Victoria, B.C.

Dear Madam:

Receipt is acknowledged of your letter of the 18th instant in which you requested information regarding the release of your first "personal" parcel which you despatched to your son.

In reply permit me to say that the parcel in question was received in this office on the 13th of November last and, after examination, was released in order that delivery might be effected.

When a parcel conforms with the regulations, it is not our custom to notify the sender when it has been released.

The reason I wrote you at the time your last parcel was permitted to go forward was in order that you might be supplied with a copy of the regulations and the other information which was contained therein.

We do, however, enclose an acknowledgement card in each parcel in order that the Prisoner of War may sign and return it to the sender, thereby acknowledging receipt of the parcel.

Yours truly,

F. E. Jolliffe,

Chief Postal Censor.

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