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Polly misses mother so: you know despite their bickering those two were quite alike, but I'll not go [ it?].

In fact the family seems particularly blessed and by the way (I'm trying to avoid being corny) we lose the odd crew here - now if by odd mischance anything goes wrong for heavens sake don't let it cramp your style there at home talk[?]. I mean[?] get a cough[?] out [?TAPE?] into changing the [?""] we can get Moose in; or grouching about the meals, or tying to talk Mr. Jordan into letting me peak at his Big Book. For (depressing tho it is) I guess we all do get it one time, [?] still my faith we are all mortal[?]
Anyway we'll all be in the same f[?] anyway we haven't done badly to date, at snatching some laughs out of the dear; so I [??]
dont think I'm not absolutely fine & quite the same as before; its just that now & then some of the guys luck seems to run out.
I think about what a mess is made of running things in Peace Time; and how nonchalantly the guys take the big deals here[?] - things at home damn well should be right, after what all these fellows go thru. Theres a lot of fine people in the world, you know.

Well, I clamber off the soap box; there's a Bing Crosby programme to-nite, I'm hoping [?] "The Waiter & the Porter & the Upstairs Maid." I'll send another letter along at once - theres heaps to tell, but I work more now. I can hardly say how much I appreciate the kindness of everyone of you - I'm a very lucky guy.

I'm [?] wishing that I was having steak [?] bottle of wine [?] that really now), & real rich white bread, Canadian butter with all of you there, I am - your very truly John M Quinlan me[?].

P.S. I think Mother & Dad have fallen in love. Here's mothers last letter praising Dads carpentry & alterations [?] the cottage. I knew she'd fall for him sooner ...[?]

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