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Date: November 19th 1943

19 Nov 1943

Dear Mother:

I have your letter #6, I've become mixed up and am starting my numbers again. I'm so happy about Eileen; and proud of a nephew named James Michael. Moose says she looks lovely, but he's goofy on that score; is she well? Do you think she could have six & look as well as her mother?

You know I was worried when I received the telegram (which I couldn't acknowledge) because it seemed to arrive too soon. I hope he's truly all right.

But say while this new character is front page news and deserves it; you haven't mentioned your Honey last letter - How is Dad? bless his heart. Is he happy, with all this brood growing up about him. I should like to have a chat with him by the fire to night; hear his pronouncements on affairs as another generation of his blood begins life. Thanks for the news; I know Chuck's baby is expected in the New Year - thell Maggie I'm sorry to hear Art was hurt - tell her to keep him home this time. Give her my regards, she's so nice. And you have a grandson, and it only seems yesterday out at Rivistino, when I (dumb youngster I was) returned from the Depression-struck East to find Uncle Bill a little red rascal in that old white cot that so many young Quinlans used. - it's funny about time - how quickly it flies by once it gets started (after you're about 20). However certainly to date we've had our share of happiness. I remember the coal oil & gas lamps in Spring Valley - Dads garden; old Lowe the rancher spilling his beer on his dinner plate; the Moss girls; the Austrian boys at the school, Miss Matherson & Jerry Wilson; Dad & Dick Moss coming down to the front of McElroys to try & stop that - German riot. My first radio at Wilsons. And Rivistino, the cold nights on the paper route & how nice it was to get in to a supper you had saved me. The play-house I built the girls; (they were always cute sisters) carrying the day-gone drinknig water up stairs. How good it all was: sure I remember my party in Spring Valley, & in Kivistino[?] too. As Dad used to say; despite our troubles I'd look back on it with affection. Well I'm being very sentimental; but it's a special time - We all here wish the War would end, do not worry mother for I want you to look when I return just as when I left & Dad too. Is he still taking his walks? Has he still that prodigious, none-discriminating appetite. I have enclosed some snap-shots in Eileens letter, they are for you if you'd like them, but don't lose them. I had a nice letter from Pauline, she's sure sweet on you.

All my love - John Michael

P.S. I never was healthier nor did less work than the last 7 weeks.

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