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Date: March 28th 1942

March 28, 1942

Dearest Mom -

I have received your parcels this week - chocolate from you, food from Mr. Miller of Tacoma, clothing from Dr. Forrester of Detroit, and clothing from Cap. R. Loss. I can never thank you enough, Mom for the trouble you've taken to get these through. Please thank Mr. Miller, Dr. Forrester for me & I'll try to drop them a card. Tell Agnes the sweater is perfect & thank her for me. Everything was in the parcels and needless to say the old peanut butter hit the spot. It took me right back to the raids I used to make on the pantry. Don't send any more clothes, Mom, so when other parcels arrive I'll be well set up. Food & chocolate will be appreciated, also books. Don't go to too big expense though. I use my allowance for parcel. No mail for weeks - your last letter Nov. 25, or I'm completely out of touch with things back there. Give Brenda my love & ask her how it feels to be eighteen. I hope you're all in good health & happy. Parcels have really cheered me up & I'm continually eating chocolate. How do you like the blackout? I hope it turns out unecessary. Thanks again for parcels, Mom. Give my regards to gang & love to Brenda and Jim. So long & tons of love. Syd.

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