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Date: May 24th 1942

Hi Brenda May 24, 1942

Here it is the 24th of May but I don't see any holiday coming, and they definitely frown on running away here. December, January and February letters struggling through, one, the latest, March 1st. No parcels for some time, six so far, and they all come in very handy. Food and chocolate would be appreciated very much. I'm pretty well settled at the new camp now and most say it's a big improvement. I hope you are all in good health back there and enjoying life to the full. I guess the jon keeps you busy, but from your letter I see you're still dancing, going to shows, etc. Keep it up, but don't forget to tell me all about it the next day. I get a big kick out of your letters and especially the snapshots. You'll laugh when you hear that the last few days I've been avidly listening to recordings of [?] Sills. Twilight at St. Mary's, Shephard's Serenade. They're all new stuff to me, no kidding. Six of em Canucks are bunking together, sharing everything, including parcels. They are D. Browne, Edmonton, J. Bedin, Cornwall Ont. J. Stickles Ridgeway, Ont, Rod Gordon, Toronto, Bill Spoule, Brampton, Ont. We are all crazy about peanut butter and are asking our folks for it. Well, I better wind up. So long.

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Original Scans