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Date: September 19th 1941

Dearest Mom-

Sept 19, 1941

I hope that by the time this reaches you that you will have heard that I am a prisoner of war, not wounded or injured in any way and in the best of health. I hope that you all at home have not worried too much at the news that I was missing but it takes a long time for news to get to you I have been treated quite well by my captor I am allowed to write two of these letters and four post cards a month. You can send parcels to me through the Red Cross and I would advise getting in touch with Jim's friends in the States as parcels from there are allowed a freer hand. Essentials are: underwear, socks, shirts sweaters, shoes. All clothing should be military colors i.e. khaki shirts. How are you all keeping? Is Brenda still getting along well at her job? And how is the horse riding? I sincerely hope that my adventures haven't been too hard on you, but please look forward to the day when we are together again. Give regards to my friends. Solong, and tons of love to yourself, Brenda and Jim.

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Original Scans