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Date: January 29th 1918

Seaford Sx
Jan 29/18

Dear Dorothy:-

So glad to get your letter dearie & my didn't you have a glorious Xmas. & all the things you got why you won't have room in the house soon to contain all the lovely things you are getting! And you do want Daddy home! Well dearie, dad wants to come home too & if he only had the chance it wouldn't take him very long to fly back to you as fast as he could. Will you send me an airoplane to take me back to you & then wouldn't you sit on my knee & sing all your pretty songs you have learned.. but if Dad dont come home soon you will be too big a girl to come & sit on his knee wont you. So see have to hurry. do you remember Dad. the last time he remembers you dearie was 2 years a week ago as he was going to Ottawa & Grandma had you in her arms & you were so sleepy & you said to Daddy. Where are you going Dad. (I expect you dont remember) with those old clothes on. I had on my gray suit which I sent home, you just about broke Daddy's heart then. Pet & the longing to see you again has never left Dad's heart he wants too, see you, kiss you once again. & you do too Dont you dearie now Daddy's pen has gone dry so he will have to say good bye darling & with a big kiss he will close with love to his own darling Chum

From Dad


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Original Scans