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Date: November 7th 1916

Nov 7/16

Dearest Margaret:

Well darling, how is school today. Mother says you are the 2nd best writer in you class & the next time she will be writing that you are the best. but there is one thing I would like my girl to be better than the best writer. & that is the best girl in the school, it doesn't matter what we amount to in this world if we don't first of all give our lives to our King, Jesus, so that He can have us for His soldiers to fight His battles then only then can we be the best any where because if we are His soldier just like our King, helps His soldiers He gives us someone to help us in fact He gives Himself just think of having such a helper & I want my girl to have the best to be the best always & only by asking Jesus to come into our lives can we be the best. Now darling I hope you have given Him your life tell me if you have Goodbye with love to you from your ever loving Daddy

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Original Scans