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Date: October 20th 1942

Calgary, Alt.

20 - 10 - 42.

Dear Inona-:

Well, it seems as if I haven't wrote to you for quite a while. I have been expecting a letter from you but will probably get it to-morrow or the next day, well I am having quite a time. I am so damn busy lately that I don't know what to do next. I wish six weeks would pass and I might get to hell out of this school. Hazel was telling me there was quite a brunch at home last sunday. I wouldn't have minded being there for the day. I'll bet you will hardly know me when I get back. I have got taller and gained about twenty pounds. I hear you are not going to stay at the farm any longer.

The week after next we go out to #3 service flying for two weeks and after that the hard works is over until the final exams. Then comes the sparks parade. I will be glad when that day comes.

I guess Margaret will be getting pretty big now. Going to school every day, she will be getting pretty proud of herself. I had a letter from Glenna the other day. She is the girl to shoot the shit. Do you know the definition of a hail stone? Well it is a rain drop with a hard on. They had a big victory parade last night. I was supposed to go in it but skipped it. I don't mind a parade in the day time but at night is going too far.

Well I can't think of any more right now.


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Original Scans