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Date: August 22nd 1942

Calgary Alberta

Dear Margaret.-

Well I guess it is about time I was writing you another line. I have kind of give up on the letters lately. It sure gets tiresome to write them but I guess I have to write them to get them. I am on duty watch this week end and is it ever an awful job. I have to look after the Y.M.C.A. sports store until 10 to-night You can't leave the station when you are on duty watch either. I haven't got very much to tell you as it is the same old shit around here every day. I wish it was the end of January then I could get out of this place. The work is getting to be a bitch too. I guess the men are really working hard at the harvest. I even forget what a field of grain looks like. There is a lot of rain up here and it helped the crops quite a bit.

I hear Bert had an accident with his barn. I guess that will learn him to put props under it after this. Does he still run around as much as he did?

Are the prices of things down there very high? Up here they are a bitch. It is something terrible. They are just twice as much as they should be.

Well can't think of anything more to tell you this time so will try to think up more the next time


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Original Scans