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Date: August 29th 1943

R.C.A.F. Overseas .
Aug 29/43

Dear Inona -:

Well I guess it is about time I was dropping you a line or two. Am I ever having a hell of a time writing letters. So many to write to and don't know where to start but will get there sometime.

I got your letter of July 11 the other day. It took it quite awhile to come across. The only mail I have got yet is from you, Hazel Mother and Dorothy. I have got quite a few from Dorothy. Im sorry to hear that you were disappointed because we didn't get married. Well there was a little mix up at the time and that was the reason. But it is all straightened out now so I guess we will have to wait until I get home again. She went up home just after I left and stayed there for a month and a half but went back to the city a couple of weeks ago.

I am not in the same place I was when I first came over but will be back there in a couple of weeks. And then I think we will be on our way. I hope we can soon get going as the sooner we get started the sooner we will be home again.

By the way if no one should happen to hear from me for awhile don't be alarmed as I expect to be leaving this country. It won't be for quite awhile though.

If I stay over here for any length of time I should have quite a bit of money saved up. I was figuring it up last night and the rate Im going now in two years I will have $1500.00. That much should give me a start at something don't you think.

Jim seems to be getting pretty well fed up with this country. Of course I don't wonder at it a bit. I know I am fed up now from the short time I've been here. But nothing can be done about it.

I would like to send you some pictures but we can't get any film and Mom was saying that you can't get any more over there either. Jim is just the same. He has still got the cow-licked waves in his hair, and what a mob of hair. Its a wonder they haven't cut it all off on him. Maybe they will when he is at an RCAF station now.

I have lay off the drink now. Haven't seen a drop for over two weeks. We sure hit it pretty hard when we came over first though. And the girls are the same. I wouldn't give ten cents for all the women in England.

I am glad to hear Stan is getting along good. Hope we are all home for his next birthday. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if we were.
Well I can't think of much more just now.


P.S. Hope you get something nice for Dots birthday.

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