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Date: 1916


April 5
Enlisted with No. 1 F.A.D. at Saskatoon

April 6
Started for Winnipeg, at 8.45 p.m.

April 7
Landed in Winnipeg at 3 p.m.

April 14
Received pay cheque for 9.00

April 29
Received pay cheque for 9.60. Went to Lycerum, YMCA for supper

April 30
Paraded to St. Matthew's church (a.m.) Boy Scouts.
Went to Mr. & Mrs. Kipp's with Evans also to St. Paul's Pres. Church at night.

May 1
YMCA for physical drill, a.m.

May 2
Went to Army Dental Corps.
Arsenic in tooth.
Went to Play; "Mary Kelly's Quilting Bee".

May 3
Reported Sick (Sore Throat).

May 4
Put under open [?]. Saw Hedley Goloff.

May 5
YMCA for Physical Drill

May 6
2nd Inoculation
Went on guard at 5 p.m.

May 7
On guard at 5 p.m.
High wind at night.

May 8
YMCA a.m. Got tooth filled at C.A.D.C.

May 9
B. Section Corps, E.R. given 4 days detention for talking back to S. M. Barker

May 10
(Went to C.P.R. to meet A.M.C. men from Calgary) YMCA
Snowstorm & Rain. Lecture on Bandaging.

May 11
On kitchen fatigue.
Concert for Calgary boys.

May 12
Paraded to CPR Depot to see Calgary boys off. Y.M.C.A. for drill. Saw Father at noon. Walker Theatre at night, "Britain Prepared".

May 13
Route March, Barrack fatigues, Pay Day, 17.00. Charlie Charley Chappie Comedy at night with Evans & Father. Bought Putties. Put in application for Pass.

May 14
Went to see Hedley with Father, St. Stephens Church.
Decoration Day Parade p.m.
Started for home at night. Fare 18.90

May 15
Traveling all day. Landed at Wasleau 10.20 p.m.
Home at 1 o'clock p.m.

May 16
Saw Keith in morning.
Went to Auntie's with mother in afternoon. Got home 11 o' clock p.m.

May 17
Went to Auntie Hill's. Morrison's (Hinde's 17) Ms. Kerchar's (Hinde's Ranch). Got home 12 p.m.

May 18
a.m. Stayed home. p.m. Went to Jim Hinde's, then to school to fetch Eileen & Winnie. Auntie & family down home (27). Drove Eileen & Winnie home at night.

May 19
Stayed home till 4 p.m. Went to Auntie's to fetch Winnie got home 9 p.m.

May 20
Started for Winnipeg.
Travelled all day.

May 21
Landed in Wpg. 7 a.m. Church parade Maryland, Methodist, p.m. Went to Kipp's for tea. St. Paul's Presbyterian at night. Pictures taken at Kipp's.

May 22
Y.M.C.A. for physical drill.
Lecture (Care of Wounded) Bandaging.
Went to see Hedley at night.
Took family group film to Eaton's

May 23
Route March, Squad Drill, (Warned for Sewell, Advance Guard). Pictures taken of Saskatoon fellows. Kit issued. Late leave to got to Y.M.C.A. concert, Staff Serg. Johnson's Jam

May 24
General Holiday (picture taken by Duncan)
Went to Kipp's in afternoon
General late leave.

May 25
(Left for Wpg for Camp Hughes, 8.30 a.m. by CPR) Arrived 12.30. Fixing Camp Room in afternoon. Rained all night. Wind.

May 26
Rain Showers. Moved wagons. Pitching tents. Hospital tents. Down to ordnance Stores. Rain at night. Kitchen in morning.

May 27
Cold windy morning. Rain showers all day. Fixing tents. Moving floors from A.S.C. Clear night. Heard about draft of 25 going. Band playing. N.C.M.

May 28
Morning: on shovel gang pitching hospital tents.
Afternoon Laying floors. Evening fetching tank of water, & pitched tents until 8 o'clock.

May 29
On floor gang all morning. Rest of boys from Wpg came in. Dismissed 7 p.m. until 6 a.m. Wednesday Sky Alley

May 30
Holiday. Received pay cheque of 17.10. Wrote letters. Hung around tent all afternoon

May 31
On floor gang all morning. Company Drill Squad Drill. Went to picture show. Hauled wood from bush for cooks

June 1
Physical drill. Fatigues Squad drill morning and afternoon. Hauled fire wood. Cashed pay cheque at ordnance Canteen. Sneaked Building from headquarters after dark. Nurses came in.

June 2
First parade 8 a.m. [?] tents all morning. General Hughes in [?].
Received pictures of Saskatoon bunch.

June 3
Got pictures of Decoration Day Parade from postman.
Pumped water and pitched tents

May 30 Borrowed 1.00 from Pte. Cullin - Paid
(Mailed Saskatoon pictures to Mother & Eileen June 3rd) June 5th Sent Decoration day pictures to Eric & Alan

June 4
Church parade at 8 a.m. Open air service for whole camp. Spent afternoon under trees, writing letters etc. Got picture taken under fir tree. Went to rifle ranges with Evans and Glauser.

June 5
Roll call 6 a.m. Evans started hospital duty. Filled [?] with straw in morning. Heavy rain in afternoon. Guard on isolation at five p.m.

June 6
On guard. Chased men from the isolation ward, caught them at Club Café. Guarded them all day outside guard tent. Cyril came into camp at night.

June 7
Fatigues all morning. Scrubbed the operating room. Isolation man hit orderly. Special guard at noon. Prisoner escaped. Hubert & Cyril came at night. Pitched tents in isolation ward.

June 8
March before breakfast. Shifted isolation ward. Holiday all afternoon. Pitched hospital admission tent in evening.

June 9
Fatigues in morning. Went to 188th lines and 96th in the evening Cyril came over here at supper time

June 10
Picking stones on CPR track. Filling beds with straw. Serg. Wightman left for recruiting. S. M. went away

June 11
Church paraded outside AMC grounds. Went to 188th and 96th. Brought Cyril back with me. On guard at 7 p.m.

June 12
On guard all day. Prisoner in guard tent for forgery. Bed cold. Went to bed early.

June 13
Inspection by Colonel Fatigues. Loaded cord wood in afternoon. [?] hospital duty. Started to let moustache grow.

June 14
Picking paper all morning. Cyril paraded before Capt. Guiver about transfer.

June 15
Pay Day 15.00. Fatigues. Fixed showers and isolation tables. Evans on fatigue. List for draft came out. Cameron Raffle, Sgt. Slidders.

June 16
Dug holes for burying cans Whitewashed stones on frontage. [?] for guard. Went on guard at 7 p.m. Bought camera at Canteen. Cyril came over. Cyril put in Base Company.

June 17
On Guard all day. Visitors in camp. Cyril came over at night. Saw General Hughes in Canteen.

June 18
Church parade in morning outside AMC grounds. Went to 188th until afternoon. Went to 96th with Cyril & Teddy. Took 1 roll of films A.S.C. for supper. Back to [?] in evening. Evans on guard. 188th fellows transferred.

June 19
(Day Duty) Started hospital work in B ward tents 1 & 2. Sent film to be developed.

June 20
Hospital Duty on B ward.

June 21
Hospital Duty. Evans took sick. Received money (43.70) from Keith

June 22
Hospital Duty. Saw Evans twice. Stared to put floors in Ward B. Got Keith's money order signed by Serg. Johnstone.

June 23
Hospital Duty. Steady rain all day.

June 24
Hospital Duty. Evans sent to isolation with Diphtheria. Wrote to his folks. Got pictures from Eaton's. 188th quarantined for Small Pox.

June 25
Hospital duty.
Took rolls of films in afternoon.
Relieved at eight p.m. Took papers picture at night.

June 26
Hospital duty. Guard Review. Gen. [?] Hughes.

June 27
Hospital Duty. Heard about 188th being quarantined for 2 weeks. Passes issued for second 50

June 28
Hospital duty: - Sent two rolls of film to Eatons. Sent watch for repairs. 8668.
Pay cheque 18.00.

June 29
Hospital duty: - Shepherd cashed pay cheque. Cyril came over at night. Saw Capt. [?] about claim for Cyril.

June 30
Hospital Duty on B 1 & 2. Guard Review Duke of Connaught. Received letter from May Evans. Saw Len Evans at night. McGill discharged from hospital

July 1
Visiting day in camp. Transferred to C. Section in hospital. Cyril & Herbert over at night.

** Missing week of July 2 - 8

July 9
Draft left for overseas
Cyril Bill Smiley over at night.

July 10
Draft quarantined at Port Arthur. Put under close quarantine in morning. Vaccinated in afternoon.

July 11
Hospital Duty on C. Section. New men put into tent. Fixed mosquito netting on tent.

July 12
Hospital duty on C. Tent filled up at night. Letter from home.

July 13
Hospital duty on C. Got letter for Evans. Isolation orderlies changed. Received post card from Hazel Hinde.

July 14
Hospital Duty on C. Hot day.

July 15
Hospital Duty on C. Cyril over at night

July 16
Hospital Duty on C. Nurses changed. Took pictures at linen stores

July 17
Hospital Duty on C. Took picture of Princess Pat. man.

July 18
Hospital Duty on C.

July 19
Quarantine Lifted. Sent up rolls of film to Eatons.

July 20
Cyril came to hospital. Went to Brandon Exhibition from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Took two rolls of film in city.

July 21
Hospital duty on C. Cyril improving in hospital. Heard from Evans
Wrote to - Hazel Hinde, Colin, Duneau, Ross

July 22
Hospital Duty on C. Aerial flights over camp. Ast. Matron took pictures of aeroplane.
Wrote to Eileen

July 23
Put on [?] orderly for Lieut. Allison.
Wrote to Evans & Mother

July 24
Orderly for Lieut. Allison & Lieut. Granery. Cyril's transfer came through

July 25
Allison went on sick leave. Lieut. Pines came on at [?] for operation. Cyril discharged from hospital.

July 26
Lieut. Pines operated on 8 a.m. Cyril left for 188th.

July 27
On duty in I 17. Lieut. Granary Left on sick leave.
Wrote to Mother, Nellie Hinde.

July 28
Hospital Duty on I. Sec. Hot day Wind at night

July 29
Hospital Duty on I. Sec. Got pictures of aeroplane & large one at Bryant's Studio.

Name of aviator Katherine Stevenson

July 30
On Duty in I. Sec. Went to 195th Batt. Bowerman away.

July 31
On Duty in I. Sec. Down town at night. Got [?] pictures for Sister Gordon.

Aug. 1
Special orderly on I. Got pictures (4 rolls) at night
Wrote to: Eric, Mrs. Jim

Aug. 2
Wrote to Eileen

Aug. 3
Special orderly on I. & H.
Cyril over at night.
Wind & storm.

Aug. 4
Special orderly on I & H. Sent films to Robinsons. [?] Pineo up & around
Wrote to Father

Aug. 5
Special orderly on I. & H. Runs in evening. Under excursion. Sent pictures to Brandon (Mc[?])
Wrote to Howard & Harry Hinde

Aug 6
Special orderly on I & H. Cyril and Hedley over in afternoon
Wrote to Father & Mother re. Harvest
Sent Lettergram

Aug. 7
Orderly on I & H. Lieut. McCormack & Pineo left hospital

Aug. 8
Orderly on D. Section.
Wind at night.

Aug. 9
Orderly on L. Section

Aug. 10
Orderly on L. Section with Hamilton

Aug. 11
Transferred to J. Sec. Alone on section. Applied for harvest leave.
Wrote to Father

Aug. 12
Orderly on J. Pictures came back from Robinson's. Cyril over at night.

Aug. 13
Hospital duty on J. Received lease from home by registered letter.
Wrote to Duncan & Thoroff

Aug. 14
Hospital duty on J.
Wrote to Cpt. Harwood

Aug. 15
Hospital orderly on J.
Passes came through put in for transportation

Aug. 16
Hospital orderly on J.
Cyril over at night. Went down town.

Aug. 17
Orderly on J.
Cyril over at night
Pay cheque for 17.00

Aug. 18
A.M. orderly on J. High wind. Bank Parade in a.m. Got Harvest Furlough in afternoon. Left Camp 5.40 for Portage. Stayed in Portage till 12.45. Left for home C.P.R. Hot day

Aug. 19
Traveling all day. Train running nearly two hours late. Came across returned soldiers on train. Arrived in Wascea 3 a.m. Sunday. Eric at station.

Aug. 20
Went to Battlevale to Church. At auntie's for supper.

Aug. 21
At home all day. Pitched hay in afternoon. Went to meet night train. Sent two rolls of film to Robinson's
Wrote to Cpl Bluidell

Aug. 22
Haying in morning. Eileen down at noon with mail. In to meet train at night. Cyril came

Aug. 23
Cyril and I up to auntie's in afternoon to vaccinate cattle. Took pictures of McLaines. Stayed till late at night. Telephone in. Drake over after supper.

Aug. 24
Went to town in afternoon [?] around by McCauley with Cyril. Called around by Auntie with mail. Baggy [?] coming home. Rain. Sent 2 rolls of film away.

Aug. 25
Wet day. Explored [?] and pastures in morning. Afternoon did nothing.

Aug. 26
Helped pitch five loads of hay in afternoon. Went to McLaines at night to get mail. Received Transportation and letter from Howard Perry
Rang up Colin

Aug. 27
Went to church over the river. Went to Morrison's after supper. Took pictures of Don & Collin.

Aug. 28
Pitched two loads of hay in the morning. Went to Hinde's (Charles & Jim) in afternoon. Went & came by auntie's. Fetched hat for Eileen from Mrs. Jim's.

Aug. 29
Cyril & father went to town to fetch cylinder. Got harvesters boots over at cellar of new house in afternoon.

Aug. 30
Helped pitch hay between showers. Drove Eileen to Battlevale Dance at night. Big crown. Mr. Ridley played

Aug. 31
Rained all afternoon. Mother went to Mrs. Geo Goodwill's to sewing meeting.

Sept. 1
Took Cyril to Macauleys. Went to town. (Bad Cold) Got pictures 4 rolls. Had supper at Morrison's. Came home by Auntie's. Wrote to Evans. Received letter from Cpl Blundell.

Sept. 2
Cold worse. Stayed in house nearly all day.

Sept. 3
Rained nearly all day. No church. Duneau down. Stayed for supper. Made arrangements to work for McKerchar's at 2.50. Went to McLaines at night. Said goodbye to Eileen. Wrote to Cpl. Blundell

Sept. 4
Rained all day. Eileen left for Saskatoon on early train. Eric & Father went to town & bought truck load of lumber for new house. Wrote to Winnie & Eileen.

Sept. 5
Weather cleared up. Went to town with mother in afternoon. Saw John McKerchar's. Made arrangements to stay over at home until Thursday.

Sept. 6
Drove over to McKerchar's with mother in the afternoon. Sent away to Robinsons for pictures.

Sept. 7
Started to work with McKerchar for harvest. Working on fence & separator. Took off [?] & Cylinder.
Whole day

Sept. 8
Started to Stook with Brice. Worked on Hudson Bay Land across coaley.

Sept. 9
Stooked all day with Brice & Jimmy Smith. Mother & auntie went to town in afternoon. Come back around by McKerchar's.
Whole day.

Sept. 10
Slept in late in morning. Cyril & Harry McCaulley down at night. Went for drive in car with Duncan. Ran out of gasoline. Took pictures.

Sept. 11
Stooked all day down by Hills. Saw mother & auntie go to town.

Sept. 12
Stooked all day on South side of John's Hudson Bay

Sept. 13
Stooked all day in west field. John went to [?]
Whole day.

Sept. 14
Stooked all day on Hills & Alex's. Left McKerchar's at night with Mother & Winnie. Got cheque for 17.50 for stoking. Received letter from Evans.
Whole day.

Sept. 15
Went to Waseca with Winnie. Took pictures of Winnie. Got ticket to Saskatoon.

Sept. 16
Left Waseca on early train for Saskatoon. Put up at YMCA at night. Went to see Eileen at Mrs. Knapp's. Eileen sick. Diner at Corona. Supper at Mrs. Knapps

Sept. 17
Left Saskatoon 9 [?] a.m. Via [?] to [?]. Arrived [?] 12.25. [?]. Herbert on same train. Put up at [?] for night.
Posted to Mother

Sept. 18
Left [?] 7.00 a.m. for Carberly. Had dinner at [?]. Arrived at Carberly 4.00 from [?] to Camp Hughes in car. [?] Got to camp 6.30 p.m.

Sept. 19
Reveille 6.00 a.m. On drill all day. Sent grip with clothes home.
Wrote to Eileen, Polin Home

Sept. 20
On fatigue at the Officers Mess. Saw Cyril at night. Got [?] from home. 188th put under orders for Overseas.
Received letter from Mother.

Sept. 21
Cloudy cold. High wind. Drilled all day. Bought stove for tent
Wrote to Winnie, Harry Hinde, Evans

Sept. 22
On drill all day. Stretcher drill in afternoon. Cyril & Fred [?] over at night. Went to picture show with them.

Sept. 23
Fatigue & Drill in morning. Holiday in afternoon. Cyril over. Bought breaches for 3.00. Sent 2 rolls of film to Eatons. Went to Empire picture show & strand.
Wrote to Duncan.

Sept. 24
On kitchen fatigue. Wrote letter to Father.

Sept. 25
On parade all day. S. M. came back. Went to 188th lines in evening. Rain at night.

Sept. 26
Wet morning. Over at miniature rifles ranges in afternoon. Shot about 25 rounds. On guard (picket) at night. 3rd Relief.

Sept. 27
On guard all day. Cyril over at night. Went to Strand show with Cyril
Received letter from Mother.

Sept. 28
Cold morning. Fatigues all morning. Inspected in afternoon by [?] Hospital Inspector. Got pictures from Eaton's. Wrote to Mother, Evans.
Received letter from Evans.

Sept. 29
On parade all day. Went to picture show at the Imperial. Bought book of views of Camp Hughes.

Sept. 30
On Segt. Mess fatigue. Pay [?]. Received cheque for 50.10. Physical Drill marching for concert. Took down R Sec. in afternoon High wind & [?]
Wrote to Eileen

Shave with coffee

Oct. 1
Church parade. Over to 188th Batt. Down to Depot with Hubert & Cyril. Got 19.50 from Cyril. Took pictures of Hubert. To show with Walter Birth of a Nation.

Oct. 2
Heavy snow storm. Snow melted. Put on Hospital duty C sec. Went to depot in afternoon. Sent 50.00 home. 10.00 for Cyril.
Wrote to father

Oct. 3
Heavy Rain all day. On Hospital duty. Cyril over in morning. 188th Batt. went away.
Received letter from Eileen

Oct. 4
Cold windy dull day. Went to Strand Theatre at night with Whelan.
Received letter from Colin.

Oct. 5
On hospital duty C. with Howland. Muster parade at supper time. Work about draft.
Wrote to Colin sent 2 pictures, Father & mother, Cyril

Oct. 6
On Hospital duty on C. Sec. Long route march for boys in morning. Received pictures from Robinson's for McLaine's & home. Sent pictures to Eileen.
Wrote to Eileen & Bryce

Oct. 7
Hospital duty on C. Medical Examination.
Wrote to Duncan

Oct. 8
Hospital duty on C. Volunteered for draft. Got pictures ready for Eatons. Cold night.

Oct. 9
Hospital Duty on C. Turkey supper for Thanksgiving also concert & Dance. [?] Quartermasters Stores.
Received letter from Evans.

Oct. 10
Hospital Duty on C. Went to Strand at night. Sent pictures to Eatons for extra prints.

Oct. 11
Hospital duty on C. Draft formed. Pictures taken of draft and unit. Issue of 1 pr boots sent snaps home Inoculated in afternoon.
Letter from Father Answered

Oct. 12
Relieved from Hospital duty. Holiday, on account of inoculation. Dental parade in p.m.. Got letter from Cyril, written at Halifax. On picket at night.
Wrote to Evans & Auntie Nell.

Oct. 13
On Picket all day. Signed over $ 15.00 of pay to Father. Got issue of socks in afternoon. Got ready for inspection at night.

Oct. 14
Inspection at 9.30 by General John Hughes. Dyed harness. Sent picture of draft home.

Oct. 15
Attended church parade in morning. Gave in names for leave. [?] stamped kit. Strand at night to see Charlie's Aunt"
Wrote to mother

Oct. 16
On Kitchen Fatigue. Pay cheque for $ 20.00. Kit inspection. Inoculation for 2nd time. Got 5 days pass for farewell leave. Left camp on 9.40 p.m. train. Supper in Brandon. Left o CNR at 12.50. Took sleeper.

Oct. 17
Sleeper on train. Had breakfast on Train. Regina at 8.35 a.m. Dinner on train. Saskatoon at 3.00 p.m. Changed at Warman. Got home to Wascae 10.20. Out to McKerchar's with Duncan. Slept there.

Oct. 18
Breakfast at McKerchar's. Walked to aunties and had dinner. Rode in wagon with Alan to Powers. Got home about 3.00 o'clock,
Wrote to Eileen

Oct. 19
Home all morning. Took train in afternoon. Went to Marrish's Hills and to Ranch for supper. [?] at Hinde's. Drove Hazel from Hills, home
Got home at 11 p.m.

Oct. 20
Stayed home in morning. went on [?] in afternoon (Rode Buster) Cashed pay cheque. Home for supper. Keith down for evening.

Oct. 21
Left Waseca on morning train. Landed Saskatoon 11.30 a.m. Dinner in town. Went to Knapp's. Took Eileen to show. (Birth of a Nation) Left for Brandon 5.05 p.m. Eileen down to Station. Took sleeper to Brandon with Brokford etc.

Saw Evans in Saskatoon. Alex Stf Sgt Nightman. Hear of Cyril's safe arrival in England.

Oct. 22
Arrived in Brandon 8.30 (C.N.R.) breakfast at Rep Café. Dinner in Brandon. Arrived in camp 3.00 p.m. Snow on ground. Went to show in evening. Got pictures from Eatons. Bought pen.
Wrote to Eileen.

Oct. 23
Inoculated in morning. Route march. Took down tents in afternoon (Hospital)
Wrote to Home. Colin, Mrs. Juin & Evans

Oct. 24
Wet cold day. Took down Hospital tents in morning. Got Pay cheque in afternoon for 24.10. Also $ 5.00 from Canteen. Down to Strand at night.

Oct. 25
On Fatigues all day. Striking hospital tents. Went down town at night with Frank Wheaton. Went to Imperial show.

Oct. 26
Issue of blankets & ground sheets in morning for Draft. Left Camp at 8.15 for England on C P R [?] broke ankle before we left. Paraded to Officers Mess. Speeches (Bill [?]) Wrote to Eileen (Supper at Club)

Oct. 27
Traveling all day. Fort William & Port [?] in afternoon. Route march at Fort William. Big crowd at depot. Rounded Lake Superior 8.30 p.m.
Wrote to Hazel & Liz

Oct. 28
Travelled all day. Sudbury at 9 p.m. Nickel mining country North Bay 6.00 p.m. Arrived Halifax 2.30 p.m.
Colin Wrote to Home, Evans

Oct. 29
Smiths Falls 6.30 a.m. Country very pretty. British Recruits kept outside Montreal. Arrived Montreal 10 a.m. Switched onto G.T.P. Arrived Quebec (across river) 8 a.m.
(Wrote to Eileen)

Oct. 30
Travelling along the St. Lawrence River all morning. Long stops in a.m. Rode in baggage car. [?] in morning Matepedia Valley in afternoon. Cancellation on Baie de Challieur. N.B.
Wrote to Winnie, Ross

Oct. 31
In Nova Scotia in morning. Pretty seeing red soil. Truro 11 a.m. Route march. Passed 195th Batt. Arrived in Halifax 2 p.m. Embarked Empress of Britain, 5 p.m.
Wrote to mother & Eileen

Nov. 1
On board Empress of Britain in Halifax harbour all day. Posted letters to Mother & Eileen. No Montreal exam, [?] selling stuff. Sailed from Halifax 5 p.m.

Nov. 2
Fine day. Fairly smooth sea. Sick all day. Put kits into hold. Squadron composed of five transports & convoy. Life Belts.

Nov. 3
Extra fine morning. Seasickness nearly over. Feeling fine at night. Slight breeze in evening. Started to write Diary, letters home, & to Eileen.

Nov. 4
On floor fatigue in morning. Good stiff breeze blowing. Fine day in a.m. Emergency Parade in afternoon. Stormy in afternoon. Sea rising slightly. Sea washing decks at night.

Nov. 5
Rain at intervals Sea gone down in morning. Parade in a.m. Slept nearly all day. Offered job as Hospital orderly. Poor grub.

Nov. 6
[?] wind and sea. Sighted vessel going West. In Devil Hole. [?] storm in afternoon. Men hurt on deck by waves. Played cards nearly all afternoon. Played Rummy at night.
Stormy night.

Nov. 7
Sea much calmer. Sunny day. 188th Bugler selling stuff from Canteen. Emergency drill. Harris broke leg.

Nov. 8
On kitchen fatigue ([?] 3) Fine sunny morning. Emergency drill at 2.45. Guns on board ship. Time goes ½ hour ahead daily during voyage.

Nov. 9
Sick all day. Headache and pain in back. Destroyer came up at night. Broke away from other transports.

Nov. 10
Still sick. Sighted land in morning. Went full speed until about 8 p.m. Ran into fog and slowed down. Saw pieces of Ireland and Scotland.

Nov. 11
6 a.m. Lay to awaiting for tide. Docked in Liverpool at 9.30 a.m. Disembarked at 11.30. Left Liverpool 4 p.m. on L + N. W. R. Fine night. Arrived at Shornecliffe after midnight.
Assigned to huts.

Story of soldier who sent money home in the form of stamps. Party persuaded his mother it was picture of the regiment her son was in.
Told my Uncle Rhys

Nov. 12
Dull day misty at night. In Folkestone nearly all day. Lunch at restaurant. Supper at Y.M.C.A. Posted letters written on [?] paper to Eileen & home.

Nov. 13
Stood around all morning. Medical Exams in afternoon. Fine clear day. Saw first aeroplanes. Down to Y.M.C.A. in evening to write stayed to song service.

Nov. 14
Physical and Company drill in morning. Company drill in afternoon. Down to Y.M.C.A. Sermon by Folkestone minister and sing-song.

Nov. 15
Route march in morning. Put into sections. C. Company No. 4 Platoon. Assigned to new hut in afternoon. Down to Y.M.C.A. at night. Heard Dr. Geo Adams of London.

Nov. 16
Physical and company drill in morning. Paid Lt. in afternoon. Y.M.C.A. at night. Heard London Concert Co. 4 Ladies, 1 man.
Wrote to E L Evans

Nov. 17
Put on steady Dining Room job with Wittick, Frank and [?]. Y.M.C.A. at night. Started to write to Eileen. Received letter from Auntie Flo.

Nov. 18
Snowstorm and heavy rain On dining room. Took Laundry to Mrs. Smith (No. 3) Went to [?] at Y.M.C.A. with Frank. Y.M.C.A. hut at night.

Tues 21st Wilson WB. Duncan Hansford and old Sergeants went to Hospital at Crowbar's.

Nov. 19
Heavy rain in morning. On dining room. Got off Dining room job. At Folkestone Y.M.C.A. for supper with Frank. Heavy rain at night.

Nov. 20
No parades in a.m. Funeral Party picked. Wittick left. No parades in p.m. Y.M.C.A. at night. London concert party. 3 ladies & man. Good time

Nov. 21
Fine morning. Physical and Company Drill. Showers in afternoon. Saluting and Batt-drill. Boys went to Crowbar's Y.M.C.A. at night. Ashdown Concert Co. Fine time.

Nov. 22
Fine day. On sanitation fatigue. Picked men to send back to Canada in afternoon. Bought safety razor. Down to Sandgate Y. at night. Sheppard and Hambly [?] arrived

Nov. 23
Draft went to Brighton. Supposed Kit inspection. Cyril over in afternoon. On pass to Trovey. Down to Sandgate at night with Cyril. Supper at Y. Moody pictures.

Nov. 24
Wet morning. Physical drill. No parades in afternoon. Took names for passes. Rain all day. Y. for supper. Got pass for 6 days. London at night, Charing X. Put up at Y. London Bridge.

Nov. 25
Breakfast at Y. London Bridge. Diner at Sletwyck Hut. Left St. [?] for Turvey 2.05. Arrived at Auntie Nell's about 4 o'clock. Saw Cyril's Grandmother's grave.

Aldwyck Hut. Near Charing Cross Station.
Mrs. Barradale, formerly Alice, Miss Radbone. Bedford, Mrs Beesley. (Fanny Radbone) Son Redge wounded at [?]

Nov. 26
Church in morning. Walked ½ way to Bedford in afternoon with Cyril & Harry Brice. Ran coming home. Church at night.

Nov. 27
Into Bedford with Auntie Nell. Went on but at 10 a.m. [?] Statue. Mrs. Barradok. Dinner in Bedford. Back on 3 p.m. train. Exceptionally fine day.

Nov. 28
Very fine morning. Left Trovey 10.00 a.m. Arrive St. [?] noon. Dinner Y.M.C.A. Left Charing X 2.45 p.m. Arrived at Rochester about 4.30. Slept out.
Walk with Auntie Flo to river.

Nov. 29
Took Robert to school. Went to Cathedral, Castle, and river with Miss Passmore Bought Xmas Cards. Went to Strand in afternoon with Robert. Sent off Xmas cards & wrote letters. Slept at [?] Inn.

Nov. 30
St. Chathrue in a.m. with Miss Passmore. Also Rochester Museum. Left Strand for Charing X at 3.36. Left Charing X at 5.20. Arrived at Dibgate about 8.30
Frank arrived by later train

Dec. 1
No drill Quartermaster's Fatigue. Got clean Laundry. 1/-1 Down to Sandgate at night & for supper. London Concert Party at Y.M.C.A. Good Cartoonist and violinist.
Dec. 2
On guard all day. 161st put under quarantine for measles. Gribble & Zachery left for Ramsgate. Received Pay. 1 pound.

Auntie Flo's boys Robert & Donald Saw Rochester's Seachlights.

Dec. 3
Came off guard at 9 a.m. Draft for France being picked. Down to Folkstone Y.M.C.A. in afternoon to write letters. Supper there. Home at 6 o'clock. Received parcel from Aunit Rose.

Dec. 4
Sunny morning. Put on Draft for France. Medically examined. Kit changed in afternoon. At Sandgate in evening. Bought Xmas presents for home & Eileen.

Dec. 5
Company Drill & [?] Fatigue in morning. Recd Barrack Dues, 1 pound, Quarter Masters Fatigue in afternoon. Draft for France put under "C.B." Y.M.C.A. at night, Belgium Concert Party. "Melody of Love" on violin.

Dec. 6
Long route march in morning. Made out Military Will. All to Mother. Stayed home at night. Sort out kit ready for going to France. Roll Call at 6 & 9 p.m.

Dec. 7
Physical and Company Drill in morning. Inspection G.O.C. Issued with Identification Discs. No other parades. Heard First word from Eileen. Sent Camera to Aunt Nell. Y at night. London Concert Party.

Dec. 8
Physical and Company Drill in morning. Picking Paper in afternoon. Letter from home. Over at Y.M.C.A. on St. Martin's Plains at night with Frank Wheten.

Dec. 9
Very wet day. Paper fatigue in morning. Took taxi to Folkstone in afternoon. Supper at Y.M.C.A. Home at 6 for Roll call.

Xmas Presents Bought
Mother - gloves
Winnie - Hk'fs
Eric - Necktie
Father - do
Eileen - "Barrackroom Ballads" by 5 Kipling

Dec. 10
Weather uncertain. Church parade in morning to Dibgate Y.M.C.A. Down to Hythe in afternoon with Wheten. Had supper at Y.M.C.A. Word from Auntie Flo.

Dec. 11
Physical and Company drill in morning. Stretcher drill in afternoon. Fine day. Down to Y.M.C.A. at night to get candles etc. Read all evening.

Dec. 12
Rain. Short Route-march in morning. 1 pound offered for cleanest hut. No parades in afternoon. Down to Y.M.C.A. at night. Address by Capt. McLoed.

Dec. 13
Physical and Company drill in morning. Saluting and stretcher drill in afternoon. Colonel at Mess Room. At Boxing bouts in Y.M.C.A. at night.
Bad cold.

Dec. 14
Short route march and Quartermaster Parade in morning. Pay parade 1 pound in afternoon. [?] system changed. Down to Sandgate at night.

Dec. 15
Physical Drill in morning. Heavy rain. Company Drill. Preliminary Master parade in afternoon. Battalion Drill. Got table in hut Stayed in Hut at night and wrote to Eileen.

Dec. 16
Master parade in morning. Fine day. Extra 20 men picked for France. Down to Sandgate in afternoon with Wheten. Stayed in for the evening.

Dec. 17
Church parade at 10 a.m. Over to Moore Barracks in afternoon to see Shepperd and Cochrane. Stayed home at night. Wrote to Cpl Blindle.

Dec. 18
Physical and Company drill in morning. Drill day. Stretcher drill in afternoon. Had bath at night. Down to Salvation Army Hut at night. Also Battalion Canteen.

Dec. 19
Long Route March in morning via Cheriton and Folkstone with 161st Brass band. Afternoon. No parades. Washed clothes at night, and went to Salvation Army Hut.

Dec. 20
Hut inspection and Court Martial (Stf Sgt Reg) in morning. Stretcher drill and pay 2 pounds in p.m. Draft delayed. 32 men warned for immediate departure. S.A. Hut. Saw Capt. Johnston in hut.

Dec. 21
Wet morning. No parades. High wind (C. Coy) pay parade. Draft, (remainder) taken off C.B. To Sandgate for supper (at restaurant) Miss Bradley's Party at Y.M.C.A.

Dec. 22
Heavy rain all morning. Lecture on Venereal diseases. Fine afternoon. On stretcher drill. Stayed in hut at night. Had Oxo and toast at night.

Dec. 23
Wet morning. General cleanup in Huts. 20 left for France ([?]) Sandgate in afternoon. Supper at Y. On Stable Piquet at night. At Y. to write Eileen.

Dec. 24
Came off Stable Piquet at 6 a.m. Off duty in morning. Folkstone in afternoon. Sandgate at night and for supper. At Methodist Church in Sandgate at night.

Dec. 25
Church parade at 10 a.m. Swell Christmas dinner. Soup, meat, vegetables, and plum pudding. Folkstone in afternoon. Church at Sandgate at 6.30 Pictures at Y.M.C.A. in Sandgate.

Dec. 26
General clean up in morning. Pass from noon until midnight. Went to Folkstone. Supper at the Y.M.C.A. Went to Pleasure Gardens Heard "The Bing Boys are Here."

Dec. 27
Physical & Company drill in morning. Stretcher drill in afternoon. Stayed home at night to write home. Had feast off parcel from home.

Dec. 28
On kitchen fatigue. Boys went on route march. Shifted from C 2 to Reg. Institute. Prepared sandwiches for 350 crew men coming in. Sandgate Y. At night. Movies.

Dec. 29
Draft from Wpg of 100 arrived & quarantined for Diphtheria. On kitchen fatigue. Evans arrived with Draft. Stayed home at night and had bath. Draft of 32 warned to leave for France at 8 a.m. Saturday.

Dec. 30
On Officers Mess Fatigue. Peeling potatoes. Finished at 9 p.m. Trench Draft put on C.B. Heard about moving to Westenhanger. Down to Y.M.C.A. Hut at night to write.

Xmas Dinner. Vegetable soup. Roast Pork & Heart with Dressing and Apple Sauce. Mashed Potatoes, Turnip and Cauliflower. Plum Pudding and Sauce, Beer & Ginger Beer. Cigarettes, Oranges, Apples, Nuts & Grapes.

Dec. 31
On Sergeants Mess fatigue. Roll call for Draft at 2, 6, and 9 o'clock. Letters from Cyril & Auntie Nell. Over to Y.M.C.A. at night. Speaker Sgt. Major Wesley & Y. Captain.