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Date: March 6th 1917
Annie Mowat - (mother)
Grant Mowat

East Sandling Camp.
March 6, 1917.

Dear Mother,

I’m sorry that it is so long since I last wrote, and I hope that you have not been worrying. I have been so busy.

Our School at Hythe finished up Saturday at noon. I don’t know yet how I made out on the rifle exams, but on our Lewis Gun exam on Thursday afternoon I got a Q.I. standing, which is the highest possible.

On Sunday morning our Battalion moved to Seaford. There were two of us left behind with 360 men, but the other officer has been busy on a [Court?] [?] and has left things pretty much to me. Our 360 men included a draft of 150, 150 quarantined with five diseases, and the rest left behind to clean up.

On Saturday afternoon another officer reported to me so I sent him up to Seaford in charge of about seventy five men and a couple of prisoners. Monday afternoon I got hold of Capt. Rollins and sent him up with fifty odd men and a couple of prisoners. This morning our draft went out, so we’ve got clear of quite a few of our men.

Sunday, I took an officer up to Seaford under arrest. We had to go via London so it took from 11 AM to 10 P.M. to make the trip. Coming back I came by way of Hastings and it took from 5.30 AM. to 11.30 AM. As the crow flies Seaford can’t be more than sixty miles from here.

As yet the officers are not very comfortable at Seaford. They have no furniture, no beds, and very few blankets. It was damp, cold and snowing the night I was there and the best that I could manage after an hour’s work was two blankets and a corner on the floor. Just before morning the floor became very hard. Today, I’d hate to say just how far I’ve walked but one little hike this afternoon was for over 11 miles, and the roads are ankle deep in slush.

I’m enclosing a letter I received a couple of days ago from Mina. You might pass it on to Elsie as she is talking of becoming a nurse.

Well, I’ll close now. Good night dearest Mother,

Your son,
Grant D Mowat.

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