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Date: March 14th 1917
Alexander Mowat - (father)
Grant Mowat

East Sandling Camp.
March 14, 1917.

Dear Father,

I have not had a letter of any kind, except from Elsie, for a couple of weeks now. Also I am still here at East Sandling with my Rear Party and away from the Battalion. So I’m afraid that I have very little news to send.

I have got rid of all my officers and most of my men, either to Seaford or to France. I have only a few men left, and as soon as I get them free from quarantine and get another carload of blankets shipped I’ll hike to Seaford.

I have been quite busy the last couple of weeks, looking after a thousand and one little details.

I see that finally those Hospital charges that meant the end for Sam Hughes have produced some good. Formerly patients on being discharged from hospitals and convalescent homes were sent to the C.C.A.C. (Canadian Casualty Assembly Corps) which was managed in such a way as to be a crying shame and a disgrace to Canada and Canadians. Now they have abolished that system. The Base Battalions are being grouped into Regiments according to the part of the country from which they came. For example at Sandling here there is a Regiment composed of three Toronto and one Hamilton Battalions. The men sent from Toronto and Hamilton come here, are trained and are sent to Toronto and Hamilton Battalions in France (3rd, 75th, 76th etc) On being discharged from hospital they come back here to Sandling to a Base Depot, which keeps them till they are fit, and then sends them to their Base Battalion here.

Each Base Depot is supposed to be able to look after about 400 men. They reequip them and give them light work. Meanwhile they are in camp right alongside men from their own home towns. Capt. Rollins has got the job of Quartermaster of the Southern Ontario Depot here. It is a good job. Most everybody likes the old boy for he has proved himself a real thoroughbred.

Long before this letter reaches you, you will have noticed from the Casualty lists that the 12th Brigade has been practically wiped out — a gas attack went wrong.

This is about all the news this time. Give my love to Mother, and all the rest of the family.

Your loving son,
Grant D Mowat

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