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Date: March 28th 1917
Annie Mowat - (mother)
Grant Mowat

East Sandling
Kent, England.
March 28, 1917.

Dear Mother,

This morning I received 25 letters, one Field Service post card, and the parcel of candy and socks you sent.

The socks will come in very handy, for I sent my trunk up with the Battalion on March the first, when I expected to be here only two days. As a result, I was running a bit short.

To answer the questions in your letter again
(1) I have, I think about 15 or 17 good pairs of socks.
(2) I don’t need any more under clothing. I haven’t bought any, but I have plenty.
(3) I don’t need any sugar. Send peanuts instead.
(4) I didn’t see Mr. Delafosses letters, but I should have them.
(5) The colour of the socks don’t matter at all. I like the gray as well as any, though the finest pair I have is green.
(6) I received the Christmas all parcels you mentioned in your letters, although I can’t remember the exact number.
(7) I have plenty of towels.
(8) The box with the money belt came O.K.
(8) I can’t remember about Hooper.
 (9) The box of sugar came all right, and has been used! I really don’t need sugar.
(10) Those towels were both for you. I also sent Mrs. [Masin?] a pair.
(11) Don’t bother about cigarettes. I very seldom smoke.

Betty’s and Billy’s letters came with yours. I’ll write them both soon.

There’s no more news since writing you two nights ago. So, I’ll close.

Your loving son
Grant Mowat.

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