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Date: May 24th 1917
Annie Mowat - (mother)
Grant Mowat

May 24, 1917.

Dear Mother,

Well, this is the 24th of May, and is as fine and bright a day as we used to have in Canada. To-day will be celebrated here with sports in the afternoon – races, etc. etc.

Yesterday I received three long and welcome letters from you – dated Mar. 28, Apr. 4 and Apr. 11. The last one was written from Buffalo.

I am sorry that your trip to Buffalo was uncomfortable but hope that your stay there was pleasant enough to more than make up for that.

I haven’t much news. We are still at the same old spot well behind the lines. Also, as usual, things are very comfortable and the work easy. However one is impatient to get really mixed up in the business.

I hear from Mina quite frequently. Say, she’s a brick. She has been writing the nicest and most cheerful letters you can imagine. Meanwhile she’s lying on her back in hospital with a broken leg.

Since coming over here I’ve heard little Peterboro news, though Widdie frequently gets clippings from the papers there. Papers are always more or less of a nuisance, and just now with ships so scarce it’s hardly right to send them. But newsy clippings are good, and letters are most welcome.

I haven’t run across any old friends lately, but most likely will when another division comes out for rest. The division out at present complains that what with inspections, ball games and sports, a trip back to the trenches will be a welcome and much needed rest.

I had a short letter from Kathleen [Pavel?] the other day, saying that she was going home to B.C.

Well, I’m afraid that I’ve very little more to say, so will close now. What are you going to do this summer? When on leave I told Mina so much about Stony Lake and promised to show her around it. She often mentions it in her letters. But then, that won’t be this summer.

I’ll close now then. Love to all.

Your son,
Grant Mowat

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