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Date: May 27th 1917
Annie Mowat - (mother)
Grant Mowat

May 27, 1917.

Dear Mother,

I wonder if you are having such hot yet pleasant weather in Canada as we are having here. Ever since we landed in this country a month ago it has been as hot as Ontario in July, and with just enough rain to keep the soil moist. As a result you can watch the crops growing. They are coming on in wonderful fashion.

To-day is a perfect day – hot, bright, not a cloud in the sky, but a fine cool breeze blowing. It’s a great day for aeroplanes.

Everything is very quiet around here now. However the trenches make a great deal of noise during the night, and this morning a mule stopped right under my window and told everybody around what he thought of things.

We have very little work to do these days. Most of our men are on working parties so only about half the officers are working at a time. Our tennis-court is in fine shape, and that and baseball fill in a good bit of our time. I’ve also done a good bit of revolver shooting.

I haven’t run across any more of the boys lately, and haven’t heard from Mina during the last few days, so have no news on either subject.

I guess that this is about all I have to say this time then. Give my love to the girls.

Your loving son,
Grant D Mowat.

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Original Scans