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Date: June 8th 1921
Alexander Mowat - (Grant's father)
Director of Records, Canadian Militia and Defence

OTTAWA, June 8th, 1921.

The Adjutant-General,
Canadian Militia.

A. Mowat, Esq.,
773 Water. St.,
Peterborough, Ont.

Lieut. Grant D. Mowat.


Receipt of your communication of the 23rd ultimo is acknowledged, and in reply I beg to inform you that the medals despatched to you from Militia Headquarters were the British War and Victory Medals to which the marginally noted officer, since deceased, was entitled. A copy of the regulations governing the issue of these medals is enclosed for your information.

2. It is much regretted that no information relative to the recovery and burial of the body of Lieutenant Mowat has been received, but all reports from the late battle areas have not yet been received and should the name of your late son appear on any report which comes to hand you will be advised immediately. A communication is being forwarded overseas asking for the latest information in this connection.

for Director of Records,
for Adjutant-General.



[enclosed copy of regulations:]


The Adjutant-General,
Canadian Militia.

To: [blank]

British War and Victory Medals.

With reference to your enquiry regarding British War and Victory Medals.

"The British War Medal will be issued to:
"All ranks who Joined the C.E.F., in Canada between August 5th , 1914, and 11th November 1918, and who between those dates inclusive and whilst belonging to the C.E.F., rendered approved service overseas.

2. The riband of the British War Medal will be centre orange, watered with stripes of white and black on each side, and with border of royal blue.

3. Victory Medal. Wearing of the riband of the Victory Medal by those entitled to the issue of the Medal if authorized.

4. The Victory Medal will be issued to all officers, Nursing Sisters, non-commissioned officers and men of the Allied Forces, who actually served on the establishment of a unit in a Theatre of War.

5. The qualifying date for the award of the Victory Medal for service in the Western European Theatre of War are between midnight 4th-5th August, 1914, and midnight 11th-12th November, 1918.

6. It is to be distinctly understood that this authority will not be admitted as a claim for the medal if it is ascertained that the individual making the claim is not entitled to it.

7. The Victory Medal riband is 1½ inches in width, colours - double rainbow, watered.

8. Owing to the number of medals to be issued, it is regretted that it is not possible to give the date upon which any individual medal will be despatched.

9. The British War and Victory Medals will be issued, by the Department of Militia and Defence. Further application is not necessary, but the Department should be notified of any change of address.

for Director of Records
for Adjutant-General.


[back of regulations page used as scrap notepaper, date/author unknown]

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