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Date: December 3rd 1943

[newspaper clipping titled:]

‘Bomber’ Harris kept German fighters ‘properly fooled’
Leipzig had to take it without any defences

[handwritten heading and note:]

LANCASTER “J”     3:12:43     NO. 19.
Leipzig.     D.O.T.

B.D.T.D.  49 T  7c  56 L

Just back off leave and all ready to get some in.
1st trip married.
Everything went very well P.F.F. were very good in fact better than we had ever seen them before. The root was very good and we could see the S/L’s at the big town when we turned south.
It was the best trip we had ever did as a crew. The target was realy hit we saw good fires burning as we left all very well consentrated.

Original Scans

Original Scans