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Date: January 21st 1944

[newspaper clipping titled:]

1,000 Bombers Beat German Defences
2,000-Ton Raid on Magdeburg

[handwritten heading and note:]

LANCASTER “K”     21:1:44     NO 26.
MAGDEBURG.     D.O.T. 5:55

BDTD.  75 TONS.  14 CWS.  94 LBS.

Heavyest bomb load so far 1x4000 + 12 cans. A number of fighters seen around the target area (at least 12). All different types. One M.E.110 followed us just after we left the target we turned to starbord so he crossed our tail and stayed on our port quarter and down for about 5 min.
Very light flak over the target relying strickely on fighters. We were the first to cross the E Coast on the way home we were just south of trak and had a great deal of flak shot up at us. A number of S/L’s tryed to cone us but didn’t succeed. We landed at an American drome and were treated very well. We also got a good look at the inside of a Fortress and they gave us one .5 shell just 4 times biger than our own .303.

Original Scans

Original Scans