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Date: November 17th 1917
Mrs. Beath
A.E. Bowles


November 17, 1917

Dear Mrs Beath,

Will you accept my deepest sympathy in the great sorrow, that has come to you, and yours, during the past week. At such times words seem to very shallow and helpless, we have to carry our greatest troubles so much alone.

John was such an upright manly, boy, the loss, while most heartbreaking to you, is also one any Community or Country can ill afford. We have so few young men of his calm sterling qualities.

You will always be proud of him, and justly so. The sweet memories of his beautiful life, and Christian sacrifice, that the world might remain free, will I trust, in some measure, bring some degree of consolation to you.

Mrs Bowles is in Toronto I wrote her earlier in the week telling of your sad bereavement. I am sure you will hear from her.

I remain very,

Very sincerely,

A. E. Bowles. 

P.S. Please pardon my using office paper.

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