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Date: June 3rd 1900

Bread coffee and canned beef for breakfast, Parade at 9 A.M. Bread & meat and soup for dinner. Very good. Bread full of sand. Colin, Henderson & I went to Green Point. Saw Free State prisoners and Cronje's guns, 13 in all. Had a ride in a Rickshaw. Laughed till our sides were sore. Had supper at the Australian House. Went for a walk on Oak Ave. Got home about 10 P.M. Oak Ave. Is very pretty walk with large oak shade trees. There are seats here and there under the trees. The Government parks and museums on each side. Colin and I went for a walk through the park but only got about half way through before closing time. All kinds of beautiful southern plants. 4th Parade in morning. Anderson and I took Jack Gilbertson before the Cap't. About 18 of us went to Bank's( Strathcona Horse) funeral. Serg't . Major Greer buried in same grave. Colin & I stayed till all was over. Put 2 wreathes 2 crosses and the Canadian flag on his grave. Went and had supper at the Australian House. Went into a tobacco store and had quite a talk with a Yorkshire couple.