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Date: June 12th 1900

Packed our kits and loaded our luggage on wagons to go to the boat. Parade at 12 noon. Were given our revolvers. Marched to Observatory Rd. Station by twos. Carried belt with side arms, rifles, overcoats & haversacks. Took train to Cape Town. Lined up on the platform & marched to S.S. Idaho. Left Armytage, Myers & Palmer at Maitland Camp & Smith, Morris & Della Tour at hospital at Woodstock. Dunottar Castle pulled into dock with passengers & British Mail as we pulled out on the Transport Idaho No.38 5 P.M. Would have like to see if George Campbell was on the Dunottar Castle. Castle Line has fine looking Steam Ships. Idaho is not as good as Assaye. Looks more like a cattle ship than a Troop ship. Belongs to Wilson Line of Hull England. They have 3 steers and 3 sheep that have been on board for 7 months. Keep them in case of emergency. The boat rolls pretty bad. Rather enjoyed our stay at Maitland Camp.