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Date: May 7th 1885

May 7 - Made an early start and began the never-to-be-forgotten march of 16 miles to Batoche, the Grenadiers supplying the advance guard, next to Boulton's Scouts. Next came the 90th, followed by artillery "A" battery of Kingston, 2 guns, and Winnipeg Field Battery, 2 guns. Then the Midlanders in support, followed by the mounted men. Behind the regiments came the 150 teams with supplies, tents, ammunition, all well guarded. Only marched till noon, about halfway. Then stopped to reconnoitre, by sending out mounted scouts, 100 of them, in all directions to make a general survey of all the surroundings. Our paymaster, Capt. Reid, acted as guide, being a land surveyor who had surveyed this part of the country a few years previous; knew it well. Some of Boulton's men came back bringing a prisoner they had captured; had sighted some of Riel's scouts in the distance, gave chase and lassoed one. This captive was soon being most thoroughly pumped by the General and staff, who found out as much as they could about Riel and his gang. Find that they are well prepared for us. All quiet in camp at bedtime.