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Date: July 23rd 1885

July 23 - Spent the night at the Wards. Had the spare room. I stood in front of the same looking glass, as I took off my uniform and changed into civvies: the same looking glass I stood before when getting into my uniform about four months before on March 31. Then I went to bed to think it all over.

Got up at 8 a.m. feeling just fine. Breakfast with the family and went to town to look it over. Same old town. Then the day got hot towards noon. A hot July day. Bought a new suit at Budge's, met two of the Budge boys, Fred and Alf, two of my old schoolmates. Had quite a talk, got my clothes at cost price, so they said. Spent the evening paying visits: at Alaire Smiths for a while, then over near our old school at the Rowes, saw Maude and Lu with their mother and aunt. Met Bill Robertson and Harve Hall getting home from orchestra practice. Then back to Granny's and went to bed.