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Date: October 29th 1918
Emily Adams

October 29, 1918

My dear George
I hope by this time your letter is on the way telling us whether your Birthday Cake was all right & if you liked the things that Edie sent. May came from Detroit for Harry's funeral. Got there just in time. On Sat. she invited Edie down to Florrie's as she hadn't time to come up here. Florrie told Edie that Percy Skippon was home & she was going to bring him to see us. He was going to write you. It must have been rather a sad homecoming as his sister Lillian was ill with pneumonia & he was just in time to see her before she passed away. That was about a fortnight ago & last Friday night her husband died of the same complaint. They leave a little girl 6 years old, which Percy's mother is bringing up. Am glad to say the epidemic is on the decline. It said in last night's papers that schools & theatres would be open again next Monday. That will be good news for some people. We were out to Weston on Sunday. Nora had a Mr. & Mrs. Ryan & their little girl not quite 2 years old, such a little dear, to tea. Ernie & Nora met them at Orchards Point where they had motored for their vacation. They live on Brunswick Ave. & have a very nice car. Fred Hutchins has left for Siberia. I think I told you Winnie had gone to Boston to help nurse the flu patients. It seems that Muriel & Mildred got it so she came home to nurse them. They are better now. She is down with it & Muriel has to nurse her. Mrs. Hutchins is still in bed with her bad knee, so theirs is a house full of trouble. Edie got the news from Helen McMillan; met her on the [street] car yesterday. Pleased to tell you Mabel is better. She & her mother were able to be downstairs on Sunday but I think the Dr. is still attending them. I've been wondering if it worth while sending the Soldiers Tely. I send it every week & as you don't mention it, it struck me that perhaps you are not very much in favour of it. Am I right?

Now dearest I will close for this time. Trusting you are quite well & in cheerful spirits.

With fondest love & many kisses
Your loving mother
Emily Adams